New Jordana Cosmetics!

8:15 PM

Hi! Jordana Cosmetics has a whole bunch of new products out and I'm here to share some of them with you! I will be breaking this up into two posts because I have so much to share! So get comfy, cause here we go!

First up is the Complete cover 2-1 foundation & concealer. This comes in twelve shades. 
L to R: Fair Beige, Classic Beige, Golden Beige, Natural Beige

L to R: Creamy Natural, Honey Olive, Neutral Olive, Golden Olive

L to R: Golden Caramel, Toffee, Golden Toffee, Mahogany

I've only had a chance to wear these once, I tried it as a foundation and it lasted about 5 hours before I wasn't feeling it. I'll be using them as just a concelear and see how that goes! 

Next up are the Color Tint Blush Sticks! Here are the 6 new shades. 

L to R: Baby Pink, Hot Hot Hot, Peach Nectar

L to R: Rouge Romance, Golden Sheen (which has gold sparkles), Sunkissed

All of those swatches are straight from the tube and haven't been blended at all. They blend out really nicely though and can be built up. They have also have really light rose scent. I like them a lot! 

Onto the next! Fabubrow eyebrow pencils! Ugh a good brow makes me a happy girl. 

Here's the 3 new shades. 

Top to Bottom: Light Taupe, Soft Brown, Midnight Brown 

And last but definitely not least for this post are the 3 lovely new shades of Easyliner for eyes retractable eyeliner pencils! 

Top to Bottom: Blackest Blue, Khaki, Tantalizing Teal

So what do you think so far? See anything you like? Please stay tuned because the upcoming second half  is all about the LIPPIES! 

Xo, Lo 

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  1. Replies
    1. They're so good! I swore I replied I don't know what happened. Hmm

  2. I have the light brown brow liner and I am in love

    1. The little brush really helps blend them out nicely doesn't it Jossi? I like it so far. :)