Inm nails swatch & thoughts!

3:50 PM

Hello lovelies! I recently had the opportunity to review some polish and products from inm nails! I was so excited and I couldn't wait to try everything.  And I'm here today to tell you about them! 

Inm nails is well known for their Out the door top coat but they also have wonderful otd polishes and other nail related products too. Let's get started!
• Inm Clear Bond base coat. This base coat creates a molecular bond between the nail and the polish lengthening the wear time. No actual wear time lengths were given and I've not tested this out. But if you'd like a wear test using it I can definitely do that! 

• Out the door top coat. Otd is really popular. I know I've been hearing about it for years. A lot either love it or hate it. I'm somewhere right in the middle of course. I love that it dries insanely fast. I was good in the stated 45 seconds. Sadly no matter what the brush is just a bit too harsh and drags so matter how much I attempt to float the brush, some color would be left behind. So this one is only being used for swatching and I'll be wiping the brush off on my nail art mat between nails so I don't tint my top coat. Definitely not recommended for nail art. 

• Correct nail correcting pen. I like the idea of these.The tip is slanted and allows to you to get close into my sidewalls, but I fear that I might bump my nailbed, I find that it's great for any random spots I miss after watermarbling and stamping. I'll also be using this for pedicures this summer. I bet it's great for pedi clean up. 

• Ready dry fast dry spray. I'll be using this on my kiddo cause for some reason this one can never, ever, ever make it through and not ruin a nail. Even she jokes about it. I tried this quickly on a manicure that I just slapped on without a top coat. This quick dry spray feels oily but my skin seemed to soak it up quickly I just washed it off after a minute or two and I was good to go. I'd lay down a paper towel before spraying because the mist has a cast off. 

Onto the  Otd polish! 

Celine's Jellybean
Inm out the door Celines jellybean

Green Machine
Inm out the door Green machine

Inm out the door Bananigans

Vanilla Zilla
Inm out the door Vanilla Zilla

Cotton Candy Dandy
Inm out the door Cotton candy dandy

Tangerine Dream
Inm out the door Tangerine Dream

Grape Escape
Inm out the door Grape escape

Huckleberry Fairy
Inm out the door Huckleberry Fairy
Now that you've seen them let me tell you....... my swatches are all 2 coats plus top coat! I applied a thin first coat and a slightly thicker second coat, top coat and bam! I can't get over a two coat primary yellow!! I can now say I am a huge, huge fan of Inm nails Out the door polish! Inm also offers a large variety of colored acrylic powder, gel polish and more. If you haven't tried Inm before I highly suggest it. You can find these polishes for $3 each through their website linked below. 

You can follow along on social media for future info and swatches!

I hope you enjoyed today's post.. in my next post I have some inm otd nail art to share!

Thanks for hanging out with me, until next time!

Xo, Lo

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  2. Really beautiful! OTD is a great top coat I didn't know they did polish! Awesome!

    1. I hadn't either, I'm so glad I do now. They're wonderful!

  3. I've not tried Out The Door polishes yet. These all look perfect x

    1. Definite must try! I need more in my life.

  4. I really like their polishes! Tried them last year for the first time :D I have the same issue with the topcoat dragging, too. I love that correction pen though, I'd probably use that a lot!

    1. They're so good! I'm sad otd drags because it dries so fast I love and hate it lol!