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Hello everyone! Today I have a soak off gel review for you! I received a very sweet kit from Le Mini Macaron and I can't wait to tell you about it! Let's get started!

Le mini macaron soak off gel kit comes with a macaron shaped led light, so cute. I got to pick my kit and I chose Cherry Red. This is everything that comes with the kit. 
Macaron shaped led light with usb and extension to use in normal outlets. A soak off gel polish that matches your macaron! And a package that has a nail file, cuticle pusher and 10 removal pads. 

Let's take a closer look at the macaron led light.
With the usb cord you can take your macaron anywhere and use your laptop to power it. Perfect for travel! It's small and that makes it easy to tuck into a travel bag. 

Le mini macaron is a single finger lamp with the power button right on top, one finger curing, this is good and bad, well mostly good for me anyway... Here's why it can be bad, some just don't want to cure one finger at a time because it can take awhile. I get it. This isn't an issue for me, I find the time goes by rather quickly when you only need to cure each coat for 30 seconds. I also like that my gel polish has no time to move since I apply and immediately cure. I've had times during my soak off gel polish journey where my polish has slipped some while I was applying the gel polish to other nails before curing 4 fingers at a time. No issues with that since it's one at a time. I spent roughly 7 and a half minutes for cure time on my dominant hands full mani for my wear test. I don't think that's painfully long for curing a full hand one finger at a time. 

Le mini macaron is also magnetic! Here I've pulled it apart to show you the inside.  The top is where the led light is and the bottom has a nice carved portion to rest your finger in. 
You can also place the top on backwards to create a lamp to cure your toes!! I love this idea! This lamp is small but powerful. I found my lamp to run warm. This is stated in the pamphlet provided. It felt a little less warm when I cured another soak off gel brand in it. Just an observation. It cures any 30 second cure gel amazingly!!

Le Mini Macaron soak off gel polish in the color Cherry Red. This is a creme 1 step polish. No base or top coat is required. 30 second cure times between coats. Lmm has a 10 day wear time which I'm currently testing.

Here's a quick photo on day 4 of my wear test. 

And on Day 10
My manicure is completely in tact. No chipping or lifting. In the 10 days that I wore this manicure, I cleaned my house, did multiple loads of laundry, scrubbed pans, gave 4 little dogs flea baths without gloves.... The shine dulled some and my cuticles are a hot mess but that's besides the point. After being through what I call housewife hell.... My Le mini macaron mani came out a winner! 

I soaked this mani for 15 minutes using the foil method with acetone and scraped the gel off. Applied a nourishing base coat and some cuticle oil. 

If you're a gel polish lover Le mini macaron is great! Each gel kit retails for $35, 10ml polishes are $15 and they also have remover kits for $12.50 for 100 remover pads. 

Le Mini Macaron info

And follow along on social media for future info and swatches! 

I hope you enjoyed today's gel polish review! Until next time! 

Xo, Lo

*Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. OMG! This is too cute. Great review!

  2. The curing lamp is adorable! Awesome review!