Purjoi one step gel Wear test and Cuticle oil review

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Hello everyone!

I hope you're well! In my last post I shared swatches of the Purjoi one step gel polish. In this post I'm going to share my wear test! Joi also sent some of her cuticle oil pens for me to try out so I'll have my thoughts on those as well. 

*deep breaths* 
And making her blog debut for this wear test.... Is my dominant hand. Oy. Ok time to come clean about how I don't treat her the same and how I don't show her nearly enough love, which I am currently working on changing. *rubs cuticle oil maniacally onto both hands* with that being said.... I suck at taking pics of Cindy, it's so awkward, uh... Let's do this! 

This is day 1... 
Three thin coats, let's see how it does. 
I have factored in a few things because my nails are fussy and I know it. I've been giving myself and my girls soak off manis for years now. Some brands just wear better on me than others... I can't wait for you to see the results on this mani. 

Day 7...
Still looking good. Some nail growth, and of course my in the middle of healing rough cuticles aside the mani is looking good. No lifting, chipping and barely tip wear. 

Day 14...
Sometime around day 11 I broke a nail, I had a weak spot that was known and it just couldn't handle housework lol! Anyway I let it be and went on with the testing. As you can see my nails grew out more. The gel is still totally attached to my nails. No real chipping. The gel did start to turn from pink to peach I'm not 100% sure on this but I'm assuming it's because I was using cleansers without wearing gloves when doing housework, I know, don't judge me too harshly. 

I went out of town for 2 days after the end of my wear test, but I didn't have time to remove the mani. On day 16 they were still holding on strong, and the constant sun at the beach over those 2 days really brought out the peach tone. But I can't get over it lasting 16 days!

As far as removal it was really easy. I used the normal soak off method and pushed it off with a cuticle pusher. There is a thin residue after removal so I gently and I mean gently buffed my nails and I was good to go! I washed my hands and oiled up with my purjoi cuticle oil pen in Ylang Ylang which might be my favorite of the six scents purjoi offers.
Vanilla Almond, Fresh Cucumber Melon, Very Berry, Ylang Ylang, Strawberry Fields, Citrus Summer
Ingredients: Strawberry Fields: Organic Jojoba, Grapeseed, Apricot, Avocado oils, Soybean oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil & Strawberry essence oil. 

Summer Citrus, Ylang Ylang, Very Berry, Cucumber Melon, Vanilla Almond: Organic Almond, Jojoba, Apricot, Coconut oils, Vitamin E & Essence oil. 

All oils are cold pressed and do not contain mineral oils, parabens or chemicals. 
The brush on these pens are very soft, it fans out nicely allowing the oil to glide on easily. I let the oil sit for a few minutes to soak in and then give my fingers a good rub. The scents are really nice and they're not overwhelming. They fade over time but leave nice moisturized cuticles. 
If you love cuticle oil pens I would give these a try! 

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Until next time! 

*products shown were sent from the maker for review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. Wow! That is LONG wear! Too long even for me that generally wears every mani I do (RNP). I give both my hands the same kind of love, but my dominant hand still always looks better than Cindy. Cindy is the one that takes all the wear too.

    1. I was itching to remove it, that was the longest I've ever worn a polish on my hand in my entire life. Lol.

  2. Talk about some lasting power! Taking pics of your dominate hand is always weird. Is it strange that I love the fade after the you cleaned?

    1. I couldn't believe it! Oh gosh so weird! I sort of loved it too! Lol.

  3. Hum, the cuticule pens seems to be awesome, I have to have a look !

    1. If you love fruity the berry one smells of blueberry to me. Ylang Ylang is my favorite it's delicate and lovely.

  4. Amazing wear time! I can't even imagine wearing one mani that long. :)!

  5. Those cuticle oils look like heaven! I don't know if I could handle one color on that long, lol.

  6. Awesome post, don't think I could wear a polish for that long! Loving the look of those cuticle oils x

  7. That's some lasting wear! I don't think I could make two weeks!

  8. I love cuticle oils - these sound awesome!

  9. 16 days would drive me batty. I go crazy when I do wear tests. I hate having anything on my nails longer than 2 days. Beautiful polish though.

  10. I think that's awesome that lasted so long! Perfect for anyone who doesn't change their manis often.

  11. Almost 15 days is great wear time. I too don't take care of my right hand as much as i do for my swatch hand (left) ;) I think i should change this step treatment too.

  12. Wow that lasted a really long time!