Bohemian Polish Moste Potente Potions (partial) Swatch & Review

8:04 PM

*Press Sample

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. Today I have my swatches from The moste potente potions collection by Bohemian Polish. This collection is made up of 7 polishes, and I'll be sharing 3 of them with you today. I also got the chance to review their flash dry topcoat and their yummy Butter Beer cuticle oil! Onto the swatches! 

Liquid Luck
A warm golden orange holographic with warm gold glitter, like Felix Felicis, you can do no wrong with this polish! 

Furry Little Problem Solver
Inspired by Wolfsbane potion, this bright blue holographic polish has iridescent flakes that bottle the moon and tame the wild warewolf within! 

A silver linear holographic with a metallic finish. Unlike the others this is not a potion but a cursed ingredient, unicorn blood. Drinking this gives the user s cursed existence, so settle for putting this on your nails and being a magical unicorn instead! 

These polishes have a lovely formula. I applied two coats plus the flash dry topcoat. The topcoat is slightly thin so try to avoid over flooding though it won't be a huge deal since it's clear, we don't want to waste any because.... It's awesome! It definitely dries in a flash and leaves a nice glossy finish. I tried it over a stamped nail and had no streaking, I only tested one stamping polish though and I floated the topcoat. 

Liquid luck is pretty great it can be built up in three coats but I was happy with two. 

Furry Little Problem Solver is a gorgeous shade. The flakes give a gentle spark to the nail but it's difficult to see them. Maybe I'm just blinded by the delicate holo. Anyway it's lovely and the formula was an easy two coats. 

Half-Life is fantastic. A slight shift of your hand and this beauty goes from a linear silver holo to a metallic silver with very minimal brush strokes. Definitely unicorn worthy! 

The bp Butter Beer cuticle oil is awesome. It smells divine, rich and buttery. It comes in a nice glass roll on tube. Definite must have! 

Mmm butter beer. You can choose from over 50 scents and this one is super yummy! They are 10ml and retail $4.25 usd. 

The moste potente potions retail for $9 usd with the exception of Half-Life which is $10 usd. You can also use code WANDCORE to receive 20% off of your total. 
Buy bohemian polish Here: Bohemian Polish

Well lovelies that's all for today. Until next time! 
Xo, Lo 

*product descriptions compliments of the maker. Products were sent by the maker for swatching and or review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. I got Liquid Luck, Furry Little Problem Solver and See No Dreams. Furry Little Problem Solver sold me on all of them!

  2. I'm all about Half Life! I want to smell that cuticle oil so bad!

  3. Super pretty swatches and liking the look of that cuticle oil x

  4. Butter beeeeeeeer........ Oh yes, all of this is right up my alley ;)

  5. I can't stop with the butter beer cuticle oil. It's my favorite!

  6. Furry Little Problem Solver is awesome !

  7. Love Liquid Luck! It's such a pretty color.

  8. Doesn't she make amazing polishes? I absolutely love her work. These look beautiful on you!

  9. I love how half life is both metalic and holo!