Faux Nails by PolishedThirteen

10:28 AM

Hello everyone! Today I have a post that's not something I normally wear, but I have in the past. Faux (glue on) nails!  PolishedThirteen offers sets of faux nails beautifully painted (with and without art). I got to review a white and gold set. And I think they're beautiful. Let's see my fingers with some longer nails shall we?!

Weird random hand pose for giggles:
Each set comes with 10 pairs, and a set of instructions for use. You will have to provide your favorite nail glue.

When my friend Leenie asked if I would try a set of her hand polished faux nails I told her I would love too and here's why.... Once upon a time I was a nail biter. I still have my moments when I slip but it's nothing like it was. I had used faux nails years ago to help me break my habit! So not only are PolishedThirteens faux nails beautiful... They can be very useful also. I really enjoy that the nails themselves are not thin and flimsy. I feel like if I had hit my hand against something my nails weren't going to bend or just fly off. These would be great for any special occasion, to help grow out your natural nails or just because they're fun! 
PolishedThirteen faux nails come in squoval, round and stiletto styles and retail between $10-$13usd + shipping. 

She also offers costume polish rings for $4 usd. She sent me this pretty ring because I love green and holo!!!!
You can find Leenie and PolishedThirteen on the following social media, be sure to follow for pics of future sets and rings!
She also makes custom sets per request! She also has a coupon code good until this Friday Nov. 13th.
Save 20% off your orders using code: BDAY13
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I hope you enjoyed today's post! Let me know what you think below. Thanks for hanging out with me! 
Until next time! 
Xo, Lo 

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  1. I want to see you with stiletto nails!

  2. I want to see you with stiletto nails!

    1. Me too! Lol. I suck at filing everything but square. 😂

  3. These are nice and that ring is pretty!

  4. I had very similar bridal manicure for my wedding ceremony in Ibiza. It was amazing wedding nail art design . Everyone was paying attention to my beautiful nails.