Mermaid At Heart by Glam Polish *Partial*

9:46 PM

Hello lovelies! It's time to sit down and relax! I've got a few shades from the latest Glam Polish collection, Mermaid At Heart to share with you! 10 aquatic themed shades inspired by all things under the sea. In today's post I have 5 of the shades to show you all! I suggest following Glam polish's social media to be sure to catch a peek at all of them, because they're gorgeous!

Wish Upon A Clownfish

Watermelon Jelly with red/gold iridescent flakes, shifting iridescent glitter and fine holo micro glitter.
Let The Sea Set You Free

Teal Crelly with pink/purple/green iridescent flakes and fine holo micro glitter.

Dream Big Little Mermaid

Dark Purple Jelly with pink/purple/green, blue/purple iridescent flakes and fine holo micro glitter.

Mermaid Kisses And Starfish Wishes 

Fuchsia Jelly with pink/gold/green iridescent flakes, pink/purple/green iridescent flakies, shifting iridescent microglitter and fine holo micro glitter.

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming.

Sapphire Blue Jelly with pink/purple/green flakies and fine holo micro glitter.

These flakie and micro glitter filled jellies are fantastic! My swatches show 2 decent coats and a coat of top coat! The formulas are easy to work with and you get a good amount of flakies per coat if you ask me! The jelly bases are perfect, they build up so nicely and they apply evenly.  I think they're stunning and in the sunshine they're even better. Squishy beautiful flakie goodness! 

This collection is Limited Edition. The full set of ten shades will be available at the special price of $108 for the first ninety-six hours, after that it will be available at the regular retail pricing of $120.

Be sure to mark your calendar, these launch June 1st, 2pm Est! 

Let me know what you think or what your favorite Glam polish is below!

Glam Polish also ships to: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sigapore, South Korea, Southern Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates. Please visit 

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. Descriptions courtesy of Glam Polish. 

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  1. I only own ONE glam polish and every time she releases a collection, I drop.

  2. Fantastic swatches! I swatched 5 from this collection too and will be picking up a couple at launch as well, definitely Wish Upon a Clown Fish.

  3. Just keep swimming is such a pretty blue ♡

  4. Set You Free and Just Keep Swimming are incredible!

  5. Wish Upon A Clownfish is gorgeous! I love all of these watermelony, coraly shades that makers are coming out with!