What's Up Nails Mermaid Flakies!

12:26 PM

Hello lovelies! I was sent some beautiful products from What's Up Nails and I am so, so excited! In today's post I'll be breaking down and of course sharing photos of the manicure I came up with using their Mermaid Flakies!


The first thing I noticed is that these mermaid flakies are very thin... this makes me so happy! There is nothing worse than having a flakie or shard that is too stiff and just pokes right through your top coat. Well no worries because that won't be happening with these!

To start the base of my manicure off I applied a coat of white polish and allowed it dry. Following that I applied a coat of quick dry top coat. When that was dry to the touch I applied a liquid latex barrier for easier clean up!  Next I applied random spots of a dark blue and purple polish to a make up sponge and pounced it on my nails. Once I had all of my fingers done I went back in with a piece of airy foam kitchen sponge to add some touches of white. 

I'm glad I decided to add some spots of white to my darker base. It really shows off how awesome the Mermaid Flakies are! 

Once the base nail art was dry, it was time to apply my flakies! To pick up and apply my flakies I cut down the make up sponge I had used earlier. Now to adhere the flakies.... I applied a very thin coat of my sticky base coat and allowed it to dry for a few seconds. Dipped my make up sponge into the flakies and pressed it onto my nail. Repeat! This made things so easy. It pressed them nicely into the sticky base coat with little effort. I removed my liquid latex, cleaned up and top coated! 

Finally, a pic of the manicure! 😅
Whats Up Nails Mermaid FlakiesWhats Up Nails Mermaid Flakies
As you can see over the darker colors the flakies pull blue, green and teal and over the white they turn pink and yellow! Ugh so beautiful! These look amazing over black with a nice glossy top coat. And I bet they'd look great with a Matte top coat as well! 

I couldn't stop here, I just needed to add one last touch....
Whats Up Nails Mermaid Flakies Whats Up Nails Mermaid Flakies 
Just a little mermaid tail inspired stamping using a fishscale pattern from UberChic Beauty Mermaid Life plate. And Topped it with Hk Girl top coat from Glisten & Glow

I think it's easy to say that I am in love with this manicure and the flakies themselves! Fantastic. The mermaid flakies retail for $21.75.

If you need some What's Up Nails in your life, I got you....

I hope you enjoyed today's post! I'll be back with another What's Up Nails product soon! Until next time!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Love this mani and your use of the flakies!

  2. Truly stunning! I think this is my favorite mani you've done!

  3. These flakies are truly stunning ♡

  4. When I saw this on IG I was like THIS IS TOO MUCH AWESOME! Everything from the underlying colors to the flakes, to the ultra-crisp complete stamping is amazing. I aspire to how perfect you get your stamping and with not even a hint of dragging from the top coat. Do you have any tips?