New Jordana Cosmetics pt.2 the lippie edition!

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Hi! If you read my last post or the title of this one, you'll know this post is going to be ALL about the new Jordana Cosmetics lippies! Are you as excited as I am?! I LOOOOVE lippies, so let's get started!

First I have two Easyliner for lips to share. 
Top: Pink Love  Bottom: Rose Crush 

They're both really pretty, what I would call rosy toned pinks. They're retractable pencils which is nice because I always misplace my sharpener! 

Fresh Fig 
Gorgeous Peony

I was already a big fan of these so I was excited to get two more to add to my lippie collection. They're smooth and moisturizing while still having some color pay off. Gorgeous peony is just that, Gorgeous! 

Now onto the photo heavy portion of my post. The Modern Matte Lipstick line. This includes 12 shades! Ready? Here we goooo! 

Matte Bare

Matte Blush 

Matte Frappuccino

Matte Tease

Matte Classy 

Matte Adorable

Matte Popular

Matte It Girl

Matte Dare

Matte Pretty

Matte Caliente

Matte Style

The Modern Matte collection is nice. Some apply more creamy than others but all dry down to a nice matte finish. They take a minute or two to become fully matte, which I learned while taking these swatch photos. These are right after application some are not as set as others and have some shine, my apologies for that mistake. Back to the positive, I have a few absolute favorites, Matte Classy being number one. And of course Matte Style because I love a nice red lippie! I'm also loving Matte Popular and Matte It Girl and I've never loved such vibrant pink lippies before. 

Jordana you have changed me!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. You can find these online here or in drugstores that carry Jordana products.

Are you a lippie lover like I am? Are you planning on picking any up? Let me know in the comments! 


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