Simply Neat Miracle Mat by Bliss Kiss

5:45 PM

Hello everyone! I hope you're doing well. I'm so excited to be able to review some awesome products from Bliss Kiss. I plan on posting a review for each of these products. Besides the items shown in my picture below, Bliss Kiss also offers empty cuticle oil pens, mixing balls for polish, crystal files, whipped body fluff, lotion sticks and more!

In todays post I'll be sharing the Simply Neat Miracle Mat, and why Im loving it so far! 

The raised cups: oh how they come in handy for nail art decor! I can't tell you how many times I've found random beads and rhinestones around, I knock them over, they get stuck to me, I don't notice and they fall off in random places. Now I won't knock rhinestones and microbeads around! 

No need for a seperate bowl for water when I'm using water slide decals! I'm clumsy and I've definitely knocked over a dish of water or two. It's always a complete mess because the water has a chance to leak under the plexiglass that I have protecting the top of my desk. Not a fun time. I'm happy I won't be doing that anymore! 

I tried to make a watermarble decal and failed.... 
So I wiped it all out, water and all with a paper towel... And then used acetone to completely clean the ring out.
Ahh all fresh and ready for me to try again..... Eventually lol! 

I'll be trying vinyl decals next I think! I can't wait to use the measuring squares.  So many awesome things can be done with this mat, dry marble decals are on my list of "want to try" also. What do you think I should try doing using this mat!? 

I also hope you stay tuned for more posts on these Bliss Kiss items! 

The Simply Neat Miracle Mat retails for $19.99 usd 

And follow on social media for future pictures, tutorials and more. 

Until next time! 

Xo, Lo 

*products sent for review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. Interesting take on the work mat...I like the directions right on there for decals