Oh, The Places You'll Go Nail Art!

10:07 AM

 Hello friends! In my last post I shared a whole bunch of pastel beauties. The Oh, The Places You'll Go collection from Glisten & Glow is amazing. You can find the swatches here if you missed them! Today I have some nail art using all 4 of the cremes from the collection! These are so versatile you can do pretty much anything with them. Here's 5 looks and a bonus little freehand that I came up with!

Conversation Hearts
I started with a base of Wedding Gown White, and used the 4 cremes from OTPYG for a subtle sponge splatter background and to stamp all of the convo hearts! Yessss they stamp! Top coated with G&G Matte top coat. Images from UberChic Love & Marriage 03.
Pastel Petal Watermarble

As you can see, these marble like a boss! I'm normally not the best at petal marbles but I was soooo happy with this one! I topped these with G&G Hk girl glossy top coat and then with the G&G Matte top coat.

Pastel Splattered Swirls
Here I've started with a base of Little Black Dress. Once that was dry I applied swirl vinyls from VibrantVinyls! Next I took tiny pieces of foam sponge and applied the 4 cremes randomly. Lastly I applied a coat of G&G Matte top coat. 

Simple Drybrush
Once I knew how great these went against a black background I just had to try a drybrush look! So simple, my base is Little Black Dress followed by swipes of the cremes and a coat of Hk girl! 

Drybrush with stamping
I took that drybrush Mani and gave it a boost with some simple stamping. This image is from UberChic 14-03. I waited a few minutes and topped with G&G Matte top coat. 

Last but not least, my favorite. I was inspired to do a little freehand! It's been foreverrrrr. 
Oh the places you'll go freehand nail art bruisedupdollie   
These cremes gradient like a dream. I don't think there's anything they can't do, seriously! Inspired by the cute hot air balloons, this is the accent I came up with. I miss freehanding, it's just so time consuming. This one will always be one of my favorites!! It was so sad having to take it off. This one is also topped with G&G Matte top coat. 

Oh, The Places You'll Go launches today Feb. 24th at 9pm Est!
You can grab the full collection, 4 cremes, 2 shimmahs and the matte top coat for $45.00

I hope you enjoyed this one! Did you have a favorite in this post? Let me know in the comments!

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Love the sponged and matte looks!

  2. Each of these looks are amazing but I think the gradient would have to be my absolute favourite!

    1. Thank you! I definitely think that's mine too. It's so soft looking.

  3. Holy crap, we did do our gradients in the same order! That makes me unbelievably happy, haha! These are all so dang pretty, but that freehand, Lo. It's my favorite. It's right on up there with that Polish M pibble trio marble you did.

  4. Ok well all these are amazing. The dry brush might be my favorite. Also, that's the most perfect watermarble ever. Tell me your secrets.

    1. 3oz Dixie cups, 12 ring polish bullseye, room temp water, and a tool with a thin tip for dragging the petals! My petals never turn out this great so maybe it's just the polish lol!

  5. Your nail art never fails to blow my mind! It is always such a treat when you do posts like this.

    1. Aw thank you love! I should definitely be posting more art huh.

  6. This collection is beautiful! I love all of the nail art you did, and the fact that you made most of them matte.

  7. So many fabulous designs! I especially love the splattered spirals!

  8. Stunning mani's but your water marble is so beautiful ♡