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Hello everyone!

Today I have a new to me gel brand and I'm enjoying it so far. I'll be sharing swatches and a bit of stamping in this post.  I also have a wear test and purjoi cuticle oil review coming up!

Purjoi is a one step soak off gel (color, cure, repeat) as aposed to three step soak off gel (base, color, topcoat with curing between each). This makes Purjoi simple and really fast since you don't need base or topcoat or the extra curing time that comes with that. Now that you know a little bit about them...

Let's start with the swatches! 

2 coat super bright corally pink. 

Sparkle Fun
3 thin coats. The finish is nice and smooth for not having a topcoat, I was really pleased with that.
Images from bornprettystore BPL-024

Sweet As Pie
2 coats and possibly my favorite! 
Images from Bornprettystore Bp-58

I know, Right? 
3 thin coats on its own, so bright!! 

Vacation Time!
2 coats with Bpl-024 image stamped between. This blue jelly is awesome!

2 coats and another favorite!

I've done my wear test review so that will be coming shortly! But just to let you know, I'm really enjoying them! In my last soak off gel post I mentioned that I'm try to maintain my dominant hand in soak off gels when I'm not wearing a full manicure and during swatching so they stay polished when using acetone. So I will definitely be getting a lot of use out of these. 

Purjoi currently has 50+ colors to choose from. I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at these, and will return to read my wear test and cuticle oil review! 

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If you'd like you can check out my purjoi wear test and cuticle oil review Here

How was your week? I hope it was well. Until next time! 

*products shown were sent from the maker for swatching and review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. I love the stamping over the green. These are all beautiful colors!

  2. I love the last color and also that bird stamping!

  3. I love the nail art you've done with these!

  4. Such pretty colors!! I really like the stamping over the lime green!

  5. Gorgeous mani's and pretty colours ♡

  6. I don't use gels, but these are beautiful!

  7. The colors are georgeous ! Nice swatches !

  8. I'm really loving Vacation Time!! I'm not really into gel polishes but these look nice!!!

  9. I've never tried gel, but ive been thinking about for growing out breaks and it's a great idea to use it on "cindy"