Nail art ft CbL Summer 2016

10:24 PM

Hello lovelies! I'm feeling run dow, trying to adjust to my husbands new work schedule is driving me crazy! On the upside I've had time for nail art, yay! Let's take a look at two manicures I did using some colors from the Cbl summer 2016 collection.

First is this simple stamped manicure. I used Prissy Little Thang! as my base. I stamped a lace image from LadyQueen JW-L08 and this was my result.
Colors by llarowe Prissy little thang stamped Colors by llarowe Prissy little thang stamped macro
I love lace patterns. This has a lot of line work going on but I'm not mad at it. The holo peeks through just enough. 

I've also been on a watermarble kick lately. I just want to marble everything! I took PLT (same as above) & Bam!, marbled them with Pipedream Polish Clearwater and used a black creme base. This is how that turned out! 
Colors by llarowe Summer 2016 watermarbleColors by llarowe summer 2016 watermarble macro
Suuuuuper duper happy with this one! I've never used a holo to marble with before now. I might consider trying to marble more holos, because holos. I hope you enjoyed today's super quick post! If you'd like to see the whole cbl summer collection, you can find my post on them here.

P.S. you can save 15% on using code SAAS15 In case you need any stamping plates in the future. ;)

Would you wear either of these manicures? Let me know down below!
Until next time!

Xo, Lo

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  1. That's such a neat watermarble!!

  2. That marble is gorgeous, I just want to stare at it all day!

  3. Omg. Your water marble is absolutely stunning ♡

  4. Both these looks are gorgeous! I love the flashes of holo peeking from behind the lace as well!

  5. These are both gorgeous! Your nail art is always superb!

  6. Holy jebus!! that watermarble! WHA?! Stunning!

  7. I loved how this watermarble turned out fabulous

  8. I loved how this watermarble turned out fabulous