Love & Lotus Review Pt. 1

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Hello lovelies, I'm so glad you stopped by to hang out for a bit and take a look at some products from Love & Lotus! I'll be sharing pics and thoughts of every product I received. I'll be splitting this into 2 parts. I've had a crazy couple of weeks, lots of ups and downs for me. During the down days I made sure that I took some time to totally pamper myself which was much needed and well... Let's get into this so I can tell you what I think!

I'll be starting with the Facial care! I will be sharing the products in the order that I use them for my routines. I use the same order only I switch between the day and night cremes. 

Sea Goddess Foaming Facial Wash
$14.99 for 4oz. 
Love & Lotus Foaming Facial WashLove & Lotus Foaming Facial Wash 1
The Sea goddess facial care is fantastic! This is a foaming facial wash, I like to dampen my face, then I apply a small amount (dime size is recommended) to my fingertips and gently massage it onto my face. If it feels too thick and not foamy I add a bit more water to my hands and continue to wash my face. This exfoliates gently, foams and leaves your face feeling great! I especially love how I don't get any sort of residue feel after rinsing. I don't know how many times I've felt like I needed another face wash to remove my face wash residue. I use this face wash twice a day, morning and night. 
*The Sea Goddess facial wash contains ingredients that help maturing skin to cleanse and remove excess dirt and oils while polishing away impurities!  

Next is the Sea Goddess Daily Structure Serum. $32.99 for 2oz
Love & Lotus daily structure serum
Once my face is clean I like to pat it dry. Then I apply 1.5 pumps of serum and massage it into my face avoiding the eye area. This serum sinks into the skin nicely. It's not greasy or oily feeling! My face feels more hydrated which is what I need! This also contains many amazing ingredients that help with so many things, from skin elasticity to evening out your skin tone and everything in between, Melissa really did her work. 

Once my serum has completely soaked in I move on to either the AHA Daily Complexion Creme ( for my day time routine) or the Sea goddess Nightly Moisture Pack! 

Daily Complexion Creme $18.99 for 2oz
Love & Lotus daily complexion cremeLove & Lotus Daily complexion creme
This is where the game really changed for me! This complexion creme removes the dry and damaged surface cells leaving your face radiant and healthy looking. Good bye flakey skin!!!! This is some strong stuff and is recommended by Melissa to start off using it every other day and gradually increase to daily use. I've been using this every other day and I feel like that's enough for me right now. My skin texture is already improving! I've had several comments on my skin during my review period.... I'm thrilled that others notice as I walk around make up free because I've been so lazy lol! 

Now lets take a peek at the Nightly Moisture Pack. $15.99 for 2oz. 
Love & Lotus Nightly moisture packLove & Lotus nightly moisture pack 1
Melissa packed a lot of amazing things into this one! Over night this helps to assist in improving your skin tone and elasticity. I wake up and my face feels plump (in a good way) and hydrated. I can easily run my kiddo to the bus stop before washing my face for the day and feel great about it. No more dry patches or weird morning splotches for me!

Last but not least I take a small dab of this amazing Eye Revitalizer. This isn't currently on the site but I hope it will be soon. 
Love & Lotus eye revitalizer
I use my ring fingers to apply a small amount to my under eye area. I gently pat from the bridge of my nose, under the eye and up towards my temple. 

These facial care items are sold separately, or in an entire kit for $59.99. The sizes in the kit are the same as above except the serum size. In the kit the serum is available in the 1oz size. 

I swear my skin is constantly changing on me. I went from really oily and acne prone to overly dry as an adult. Love & Lotus skin facial care is changing my game and I LOVE it! I've seen results in just a short amount of time and I really look forward to seeing how much more amazing my skin will be! Of course here's a little no make up selfie for you (sorry for the horrible pic, my phone is the worst, but it was handy.) Just because I'm already very excited about  the little improvements I'm seeing! 
Excuse my slight sunburn. The California sun loves me too much! Next time more sunscreen! Oops. But hey, no nasty flakes of dry skin, no patches... Just my glowing clean skin! Yay! 

*p.s. It is recommended that you use sunscreen if you're going outside. Some of these products contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which can make your skin more sensitive in the sun. They also help to purge your skin. I noticed two blemishes after my first use, they cleared up within the next two days. I believe the AHA really sucked the junk out for me. Now my skin is back to being clear. I just thought it was neat to see such a thing happen. Each product has a list of ingredients and what exactly each one does on the website, I didnt include them all here because this would be the longest post of life.. I highly recommend you check it out and see how many amazing things go into this line of skin care!! I think this line is going to be the one for me! If you think it might be something you'd like to try here's some more handy info! 

And follow on social media for future photos and information! 

Melissa was so generous she offered a discount code for you all! Use code BRUISEDUPDOLLIE for free shipping on orders over $25! 

That's all for today, but I have a second part review coming soon... On the bath & body side of Love & Lotus!! Stay tuned for that post because it contains items that look good enough to eat!

Until next time! 

Xo, Lo 

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. 

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