Opi Alice Through The Looking Glass

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Hello! It's been another long day but I made it out alive and just in time to share my swatches of the Opi Alice Through The Looking Glass collection!

Opi Alice through the looking glass
This collection is made of 9 shades. 8 in the collection and an extra special limited edition shade. Let's get into the swatches! 

Oh My Majesty!
Opi Oh my majestyOpi Oh my majesty macro
OMM is an insant favorite for me. It's a slightly off white with this lovely coppery sheen that seems to glow. I freaking LOVE it! Shown is 2 coats & top coat. 

What's The Hatter With You? 
Opi Whats the hatter with you
This is a perfect deep berry color. I think this makes a great fall shade as well. My swatch is base coat, 2 coats of color & top coat. 

Fearlessly Alice
Opi Fearlessly Alice
Bright and fun sums this one up. I've seen some have had staining issues, so I took caution while applying so I had very minimal clean up. I used one coat of base coat and didn't seem to have any staining at all. This is base, 2 coats of color & top coat.

Mad For Madness Sake
Opi Mad For Madness Sake
I think I'm starting to like more and more pinks. I can definitely see myself wearing this again and maybe with some art. This is 2 coats & top coat.

I'm Gown For Anything 
Opi Im gown for anything
 Loving this almost muted shade of lilac. Great formula, 2 creamy coats & top coat!

The I's Have It
Opi The I's Have It
Another blue but more of a baby blue this time around. My swatch is 3 thin coats & top coat.

Having A Big Head Day
Opi Having a big head day
I know what you're thinking, another Red opi. Lemme tell you something (cover your eyes if you're sensitive cause I'm gonna drop some bad words...well an acronym anyway... Idgaf!!!! Opi reds are the best!!! Give them ALL to me. I'm never disappointed in a damn good red and this is definitely one of them! 2 coat perfection plus a coat of top coat! 

Now this next one, well I'll let you decide.

Mirror Escape
Opi Mirror Escape
Opi Mirror escape macro
 I really hate when I have to ask why, why does opi love to shove weird matte glitter into metallic bases. Why?! I mean like I really love some of the liquid sands, but a lot of these newer textures are just missing the mark, for me anyway. If you apply too many brush strokes the glitter starts to bunch and cling to itself causing a random weird bump to pop up. So the texture is partly lumply and partly gritty.... Sigh.

While this set is already a limited edition there is one extra polish. It's sold in its own separate special box that looks like this.. 
Opi What time isnt it
What Time Isn't It?
Opi What time isnt it Opi What time isnt it macro
Described as a matte black with slivers of silver. It's a grey creme with small bar glitter. Now, I'm ok with bar glitter... I'm ok with cremes but if this were more like a smokey jelly base I would have been happier maybe. The creme base holds the glitter nicely, but it's not thick enough to help the glitter cling to the nail. What does this mean? This means with too many brush strokes you end up with little bar glitter hanging off your tips. I like to call this "nail bangs/fringe" lol!! Not a fan of that. The combo is semi pleasing to the eye if you stay away from the nail bangs zone. 

Since I like to end things on a positive note I have two more manis to share. First up is a marble using 4 colors shown in this post. It's not exactly what I planned because What's the hatter looks more burgundy leaning than plum, but that's ok. Here it is anyway! 
Opi WatermarbleOpi watermarble macro
This is a marble of Oh my majesty!, Fearlessly Alice & What's The Hatter With You? My base was one coat of OMM. I really love how well Opis work for marbling. 

Last but not least I'm going to share this matte mani... The glossy version is on my Instagram and Facebook if you want to see those. 
Opi Vinyl matte manicure
Opi Vinyl matte manicure macro
Opi Vinyl matte manicure macro 2
For this I used Polished Vino Clear Arrow Dynamics vinyls. And for polishes I used Opi Having a big head day, Black Onyx, FingerPaints neon base coat (white) and My favorite, Opi matte top coat. I can't get enough of this one!! 

Opi is available at professional salons, Beauty Brands, beautybrands.com, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and ulta.com.

You can find Polished Vino products here: http://polishedvino.storenvy.com/

I hope you enjoyed this post is anything from this collection catching your eye? 

Until next time! 

Xo, Lo 

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. 

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  1. I'm so in love with OMM too! And your matte nail art is so gorgeous..

  2. Oh My Majesty is so pretty! I'll definitely be picking that one up!

  3. I love the cremes and OMM is STUNNING! I don't like bar glitter or the metallic though.

  4. The cremes are so nice, as is the metallic. Not to keen on the bar glitter but looks nice on you x

  5. You really captured the beauty of Oh My Majesty! And your nail art is spectacular!

  6. These are gorgeous! I'm not a fan of bar glitter, but I am really digging that limited edition polish.

  7. OPI sure has released some odd polishes the last few seasons. I do love I'm Gown for Anything. And your arrow mani rocks!

  8. Your swatches are stunning, I love the water marble look you did! I can't wait to get these in!

  9. These are beautiful! OPI unfortunately doesn't play well with my body chemistry. :(