Polish 'M Glitterbomb Prototypes

4:27 AM

Hello! I hope you're doing well. I have another glitter filled post for you today. Polish 'M is on a mission to bring back all kinds of Glitterbombs. And to say the least I was freaking stoked!

*This post is about to get all sorts of pic heavy. 

The first 11 are the prototypes. And the final 2 are releases from when polish 'm was known as Laquerlicious. Onto the polish shall we?! 

2 coats + top coat. It's like a delicate awesome mermaid or something. 

Prototype 11
2 coats + top coat. 

Prototype 12
1 coat over China Glaze Treble Maker + top coat.  

Prototype 13
1 coat over China Glaze Sunday Funday + top coat. 

Prototype 14
1 coat over SH xtreme wear Wet Cement + top coat. 

Prototype 15
1 coat over Opi My Vampire Is Buff + top coat. 

Prototype 16
1 coat over Pure Ice Home Run+ top coat. 

Prototype 17
1 coat over Color Club hh Angel Kiss + top coat. 

Prototype 18 *gloss & matte top coated for funsies! 
1 coat over Pure Ice Scream + top coat. 
1 coat over Pure Ice Scream + top coat + Opi matte top coat. 

Prototype 19
1 coat over Opi Alpine Snow + top coat. 

Prototype 20
1 coat over Opi Alpine Snow + top coat. 

And for the re-releases we have Zebra Kisses 
*gloss & matte for funsies 
1 coat over Opi Hey Baby + Top coat. 
1 coat over Opi Hey Baby + top coat + Opi Matte top coat. 

And last but not least, 
Tri A New Angle 
1 coat over Londontown Lakur To The Queen With Love + top coat. 

Now that's a whole lot of glitter, from shimmery and holo to matte of all sorts! I have to say the formulas are impeccable. I love that they can compliment nails of any length. I can't wait to share my post where I have sandwiched some of these! I swear glitter runs through my veins! A couple of these  have already sold out so if you think you might be interested I'd hurry! 

You can find Polish 'M online here:

These glitter bombs will be $7+ shipping. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post! Until next time.. 
Xo, Lo 

*Polish sent from the maker for swatching/review any opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. I love a good glitter bomb! So pretty!

    1. Yay! I'm always scared not enough people like them and they'll be extinct some day lol. :(

  2. Prototype 15 and 19 are my favorites, they look so interesting. I have never seen a "hair" or bar glitter that I liked before.

    1. I don't own many because so many tend to curl up and that's never good. These are pretty perfect I really love them!

  3. I'm loving 11,14, 19 and the zebra kisses. I'm getting more excited about glitter bombs and crellie lately.

    1. All the glitters and crellies for me please! ❤️

  4. I love the glitter combination of prototype 11 so much! It's beautiful!

    1. Tiny pastel matte glitter heaven I tell ya!

  5. My favorite would have to be prototype 10!

  6. Hmm I like the first one best and usually don't like bar glitter but I think I like these...they are all good, just depends on the look you are going for...

  7. Not for me personally, but they do look really pretty x

  8. I really like the bar glitter. I'm kinda over glitter toppers in general though :(

  9. So much glitter! I think 16 is my favorite.

  10. So much glitter! While I'm not a big glitter fan, she does them well!

  11. Prototype 11 is so different and interesting!