Polish 'M matte glitter polishes

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*I bought this

Hello everyone! Way back just before my birthday I bought a few Polish 'M polishes. Today I'm going to share two of them. One of them is no longer available while the other is but only until it sells out and then it's also gone for good. With the new year Polish 'M is making room for new goodies she has up her sleeve. 
First I'll show you Class Act, this beauty is the one that's already gone forever but it's so pretty I wanted to wear it and talk about it too. 
1 coat over OPI Black Onyx and 3 thin for my accent nail. 
And of course a couple of macros. This glitter is so pretty. I'll probably wear this again during the spring time. 

Since we're not in spring where I live I decided to spruce up my accent nail with one of my favorite images.....
Snowflakes! This image is from Bundle Monster Bm-323. 

Ok, onto the polish that is still available but not for long....  This one is amazing, I own nothing like it. I want to wear it everyday. It reminds me of splattered graffiti or something! 
This is Behind The Scenes, 2 coats + topcoat. I can't even contain my love for this one. I wish I had 10 bottles. *insert drool emoji here*

If you're interested in grabbing a bottle before it's gone, or you just want any of the amazing polishes Polish 'M has to offer be sure to stop by her shop linked below. Don't forget many of her colors are leaving and won't be back, so grab them while you can! 

Follow along for future news and swatches! 

I know many either love or hate glitter... Let me know how you feel or if you think behind the scenes is as awesome I do in the comments! 

Until next time! 
Xo, Lo

*polishes purchased with my own resources. Any opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. She has some really great glitters. I love Class Act!

  2. Polish M is on my list to buy. I wouldn't normally be attracted to Behind the Scenes but I love the visual of comparing to graffiti. That's a total selling point for me!

  3. All 3 are really pretty, even though I'm not a glitter polish person!

  4. you wear these so well!! Love the polish over black the most - really makes the matte pop!

  5. These are gorgeous! I have a love/hate relationship with glitters lol.