Spring Nail art ft. Colores De Carol

11:55 PM

*nothing to disclose

Hello everyone! I'm bringing you some spring time ready nail art. It's been warm here and I'm totally into all of the spring colors and nail art. 

I'm starting off with my Hummingbird mani! For this I used the rose image from born pretty plate Bpl-024 and the hummingbird image from Vivid Lacquer plate Vl006. I flipped the image using two stampers so I could have a mirrored silhouette to use. 
Colores de Carol Hummingbird stamping
Colores de Carol Hummingbird stamping macro
I was surprised to see these pastels stamped. But I happened to catch an Instagram post from Beaching Nails stating they  did so I had it give it a shot! Super cute for spring in my opinion anyway lol.

Next I wanted to wear a watermarble because it's been awhile. I started with a base gradient using Colores de Carol Yon-Dal & Shommer. Then I topped it with a white and clear watermarble using a random white polish and Pipe dream polish Clearwater. 
Colores de Carol watermarble topped gradient
Colores de Carol watermarble topped gradient macro
I loved how this turned out. I wore it for a couple of days and was sad to take it off. 
I hope to be able to bring you more spring time nail art soon!

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Until next time! 

Xo, Lo 

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  1. Your water marbling is absolutely divine ♡♡

  2. Love the stamping, and your watermarbling is absolutely perfect!

  3. That water marbling is perfection and I really love the humming birds. We get lots of humming birds here this time of year. Beautiful job. <3

  4. I love these Lo, your deigns are stunning! Thank you!

  5. How cute and clever are those stamps! Love them!

  6. I love love love the watermarbling!!

  7. I love the water marble! It's so beautiful!