Dollish Polish Zombieland collection!

11:48 PM

Hello lovelies! Dollish polish is releasing a collection based on the movie Zombieland! I love zombieland and I couldn't wait to get these polishes in my hands. This collection is made up of 9 polishes, let's see them!

rule #1 Cardio
2 coats, one thin and one thicker + top coat. 

rule #2 Double Tap
2 coats + top coat. 

rule #3 Beware Of Bathrooms
3 thin coats + top coat. This could probably reach opacity in 2 thicker coats as well. 

rule #4 Seatbelts
2 coats + top coat. 

rule #17 Don't Be A Hero
3 thin coats + top coat. And so much more awesome in person. My swatch does this one no justice. The shade change of the glitter is so awesome! This one would also be awesome in 1 coat over a black base. 

rule #18 Limber Up
2 coats + top coat. This is fall perfection. 

rule #22 When In Doubt Know Your Way Out
2 coats + top coat. 

rule #31 Check The Backseat
2 coats + top coat. 

rule #32 Enjoy The Little Things
2 coats + top coat. Swear this isn't the most perfect sparkly twinkie color, lol!

As usual this collection is pretty amazing! The formulas are great and easy to work with. Between the finishes & names  I have a few favorites! Double tap, Seatbelts, Limber up & When in doubt know your way out. I can't get over how perfect that soft sagey creme is.

The Zombieland collection launches Sept.16th at

And don't forget to following along for future swatches and info!
Find Dollish Polish:

Let me know what you think of these down below! 
Until next time!

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. I loooveee your swatches!! Specially the macros!

  2. I loooveee your swatches!! Specially the macros!

  3. Oh, heckz yeah--I didn't know I was waiting for a polish called Double Tap, but now I know what that hole in my soul was!!

  4. Loooooved Zombieland! Love every single one of these polishes, seriously! :-)

  5. Love this movie. Beware of bathrooms is my favorite!

  6. Wowzers some absolutely stunning shades, hard to pick a favourite x

  7. Oh wow, what a gorgeous collection! I love those yellow/orange shades!

  8. I love the shades and range of finishes of this collection!

  9. I adore this brand. Dolly is always spot on with her creations.