Mod About You by Cupcake Polish

8:06 PM

Hello friends! Where are all of my holo loving peeps at?! Today's post is full of glorious holo goodness. I'll be sharing my swatches of the Mod About You collection from Cupcake Polish! This collection is made up of 6 shades and they're sure to place any holo lover. Let's jump in!

Crazy Mod Love
Cupcake Polish Crazy Mod LoveCupcake Polish Crazy Mod Love
Berry pink linear holographic.
Mod Squad
Cupcake Polish Mod SquadCupcake Polish Mod Squad
Royal purple linear holographic.

Fringe Benefits
Cupcake Polish Fringe BenefitsCupcake Polish Fringe Benefits
Royal blue linear holographic.

Gettin' Twiggy With It
Cupcake Polish Gettin Twiggy With ItCupcake Polish Gettin Twiggy With It
Gunmetal grey linear holographic.

Suitor On A Scooter
Cupcake Polish Suitor On A ScooterCupcake Polish Suitor On A Scooter
Medium blue teal linear holographic.

Look At You Go-Go
Cupcake Polish Look At You Go-GoCupcake Polish Look At You Go-Go
Dove grey linear holographic.

The entire set is just genius! I love the shades and the names. When I think of mod, Twiggy always comes to mind! She will always be one of my favorite people, such an icon. This collection is amazing formula wise. They all apply like butter. Quick dry times between coats and 2 coat opacity. All of my swatches are topped with a coat of glossy top coat. 

I also used them for a gradient background for a simple stamping mani. Here's the gradient base using Look At You Go-Go, Suitor On A Scooter and Fringe Benefits.

This would have made an amazing base for some beach or winter nail art! But I used it for this mani that I'm calling... something borrowed something blue. Heh.

The couple image is from Dixie Plates DP 07. Her dress is so gorgeous, sadly my nails will never be long enough to admire the full image. But I was really pleased with it like this too.

The Mod About You collection launches July 8th at 2pm CST. 
Pricing: $13 each + shipping, available at 

Here's more Cupcake Polish info you might need!

Let me know what you think of these down below!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. Descriptions courtesy of Cupcake Polish.

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  1. Hello fellow holo peep :) what a super lush collection and your swatches are killer insane 💖

  2. Besides the white holo, I feel like I've seen these all before :-/ even from cupcake herself! Would love to see comparisons of her other pinks, blues, and purples.

    1. I agree that they're not super unique shades. I'll see which others I have for a possible comparison post!

  3. Oh man! These are gorgeous 😍 I need to go look up that stamping plate too!

  4. One Look At You Go-Go, please.

  5. That done gray!!!! God, I love grays. Your swatches are on point.

  6. Mod Squad is a killer purple! Cupcake makes some crazy intense shades.

  7. This collection gives me life, especially the grays!