Top Shelf Lacquer Drunken Fall Creme Holo Swatches and Marbles!

11:54 AM

Hello lovelies! Have I got a post for you! Top Shelf Lacquer is launching her collection of Drunken Holo Cremes and omg, they're amazing! This collection is sure to have something for everyone!

Top Shelf Lacquer TipsyTop Shelf Lacquer Tipsy
A warm rich chocolate brown creme holo.
Top Shelf Lacquer HammeredTop Shelf Lacquer Hammered
A gorgeous burgundy creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer WastedTop Shelf Lacquer Wasted
A dusky mauve creme holo.

Boozed Up
Top Shelf Lacquer Boozed UpTop Shelf Lacquer Boozed Up
A fun amaranth red creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer JuicedTop Shelf Lacquer Juiced
Perfect fall pumpkin orange creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer SloshedTop Shelf Lacquer Sloshed
Mustard yellow creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer TankedTop Shelf Lacquer Tanked
Lush olive green creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer BuzzedTop Shelf Lacquer Buzzed
Light teal creme holo.

Top Shelf Lacquer BefuddledTop Shelf Lacquer Befuddled
Medium teal creme holo. Amy was befuddle on how to describe this one. It then became its namesake. I'd say its almost a denim shade and it's flipping amazing. 

Top Shelf Lacquer Inebriated
Top Shelf Lacquer Inebriated
Rich prussian blue creme holo. 

Top Shelf Lacquer PlasteredTop Shelf Lacquer Plastered
A dusty plum creme holo.

Liquored Up
Top Shelf Lacquer Liquored UpTop Shelf Lacquer Liquored Up
A cool medium grey creme holo. 

Let me just say, these are so bomb. The formulas are amazing. All of my swatches show 2 coats of color + top coat. They're so smooth, they almost applied themselves. The amount of holo is perfection! I always like to try to pick an absolute favorite, and this time around it's Sloshed! That mustard yellow is insanely beautiful. I heard these stamp but I didn't try that. I also heard they might marble and I did try that!! 

Here's 4 marbles using the Drunken Holo Creme collection!

Hammered, Boozed Up & Wasted
Top Shelf LacquerTop Shelf Lacquer

Tipsy, Sloshed & Juiced
Top Shelf LacquerTop Shelf Lacquer

Buzzed, Tanked & Befuddled
Top Shelf LacquerTop Shelf Lacquer

Liquored Up, Inebriated & Plastered
Top Shelf LacquerTop Shelf Lacquer
All of my marbles are over a white base. I used slightly warmer than room temperature water for these. The collection wasn't made to marble, but I didn't have much of an issue.

Individual Pricing: $12 for 15ml, $8.50 for 8ml minis
Full Collection: $120 full size ($14 off), $92 minis ($10 off)

This collection launches August 25th at 8pm EST! 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post! If you need the Drunken Holo Cremes or other Top Shelf Lacquer shades in your life......

Let me know if you've got your eye on any of these shades, below! 

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. Descriptions courtesy of Top Shelf Lacquer.

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  1. I'm in love with this entire collection, not only are your swatches beautiful, your Marbling is stunning ♡

  2. Tipsy, wasted, juiced, sloshed, tanked, lol, I can't keep up with how many of these that I love!!!!

  3. Your swatches make me want All. The. Polish. Every single time!

  4. So I need to get all of these! It's even better that they marble too!

  5. Oh my glob, I love the whole collection! Your marbling is too awesome.

  6. Holy moly, I need all of those! Your water marbles are fantastic!