Abody 9S 24W LED lamp review!

3:36 PM

Hello friends! I’m back with a brand new mini review on another Abody LED lamp style. Here’s the model we will be looking at today. The Abody 9S 24W gel polish dryer with USB port electricity supply & LCD display screen for fingers and toes!

 I really love the shape of this one. It’s nice and roomy. I don’t fear smudging a nail as I place my hand underneath.

The top is nice and sleek looking. It has a digital number display so you can see how many seconds you’ve been curing! 

And underneath is where you’ll see 15 tiny led lights. They may look small but they do an amazing job of curing my gel polish. I can easily fit my entire hand under this lamp! Sometimes you’ll have to cure your thumb separate because there’s not enough room. That’s definitely not the case with this one. 

This style also comes with two cord options! Don’t have a free outlet plug? Don’t worry you can plug this into a laptop or other usb sources using the usb cord! 

The timer automatically starts as soon as you place your hand under the lamp. The timer counter will show how many seconds you’ve been curing. Another thing I like about this lamp is that it turns off automatically after 99 seconds. My examples show the timer at 12  and 90 seconds. There is no alarm for when your cure time is complete so it’s best to try and not get distracted. I love this though because I have dogs that are sensitive to beeping sounds. No one is bothered while I manicure using this lamp. 

Abody has kindly added a discount to the purchase link. If you order this lamp before January 31st the price will be $19 plus shipping through amazon!

Shop Link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GKU2XK8

Let me know what you think of this led lamp down below! Until next time!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. I think I may have to try and get one of these for myself! I like that your entire hand can fit under the lamp!

  2. That’s a great price for a light! It looks great!

  3. How cute is this! Just a shame I can't wear gel Polish anymore x

  4. It's nice that you have room, I am always worried about dinging a nail insuring my hands or feet into the dryer!