Anonamaker Box #1

6:45 PM

Heeeey  Lovelies! I'm super fucking pumped to bring you this post today! Should I have started out with a foul language warning? Maybe... anyway onto what today's post is all about.

The first ever Anonamaker box! The anonamaker box is a bi-monthly offering. This beauty is full of polish and fun, pretty much all things Acetone Alley which is a group in the nail community on fb. Here we find polish lovers, makers, bloggers, swatchers and polish lovers in general who like to hang out for polish talk, pointing out and making others aware of shady happenings in the community and lot of randomness for shits and giggles. Anonymous posts, non anonymous posts, dramatic fun times and some times heated ones. Believe me this group won't hesitate to call someone out for being a shady asshole, and I can appreciate that. 
With all of that being said..... I've also become friends with some of the most amazing women ever! And I enjoy the group a lot. 

The Anonamaker boxes are going to be some of the most fun times in acetone alley!
Let's take a better look at what's in this box and get onto the swatches! 

Asshat Delivery Service
There's really not much to say, it's fucking glorious. My swatch shows 3 thin coats on it own. It could be opaque in 2 thicker coats or as a bad as topper over a darker color. 

This is one beautiful icy blue. I'm a fan! I'll be using this for some nail art down the line so stay tuned for that! My swatch is 2 coats + top coat. 

I Glitterally DGAF

So magical, every turn of the hand brings something new. Flashes of blue and purple shimmers and color shifting glitters and holo sparkle galore. 2 coats of color and a coat of top coat for this one. 

Siiigh the way the glitters in this suspend themselves in this jelly base is amazing. I love a good crelly with massive depth. This one is fan-fucking-tastic! Those circle glitters... yas! My swatch is 3 thin coats + top coat, my preferred way to wear these types of polish. 

Sandy Bits

Another magical beast. This holo beauty flashes warm sandy and pink tones and then bam glowing golden beauty! I can't even, I need a gallon of this! My swatch is 2 coats + top coat. 

Also included in this box is a cuticle balm! Get ready for the nudes! *wink*

This is Twa'ffles & Syrup

I've applied a small amount of the Twa'ffles & Syrup (I just love saying that to be honest) and let it set for a few minutes letting it melt and absorb into my skin before rubbing it in. This balm smells just like syrup and it's moisturizing without being greasy. A little goes a long way. This definitely smells and moisturizes really nicely! This balm would also be great for over night cuticle treatments. I love using balms and oils so I know this won't last long, and I'm ready to enjoy every minute of it. 

Another little extra... a Pass the salt magnet and some extra salt for those salty members of aa. 
The Anonamaker Box will be available for preorder from October 15th through the 25th at 
Pricing for this box is $50 USD plus shipping. 

The first 30 boxes are shipping right away, the remaining will ship 2 weeks after the preorder window closes. 
These will be also be available as individuals during the preorder for $13 a piece and $6.25 for Twa'ffles & Syrup. 

Each box will have a new mix of makers! Exciting!
The makers featured in this box, shops and links to their social medias... 

Heather's Hues

Girly Bits
Tonic Polish

Delush Polish
Bohemian Polish
If you're not already and are interested in becoming a member of Acetone Alley you can find the group here. And if you want to know which maker made what, I hope you order a box and find out! 

Let me know what you think of this box down below! 

Stay sassy or salty!

 *Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. #gimmefreeshit and sandy bits. oh, how I love thee.

  2. Asshat Delivery Service and Sandy Bits are my favorites. This is a great box!

  3. This box was so much fun to swatch! You totally killed these, Sandy Bits looks especially gorgeous on you.

  4. #gimmefreeshit is my colour. What a perfect blue ♡

  5. Such a fun box. I need sandy bits!

  6. I wonder if I say #gimmerfreeshit for long enough if this box will just magick itself to me.

  7. I wish I could get this box! These makers did a wonderful job!

  8. This inaugural box is fabulous! Great review!

  9. That Saltitude tho!! I love the idea behind this box!!

  10. Asshat Delivery Service has my heart!