Matte About Halloween Week Mani 4

6:03 AM

Hello lovelies! Today's featured mahw mani is one of my favorites! I hope you like it as much as I do. Links below to all of the manicures in this series that I've shown so far!

Truth be told, I am not a fan of spiders. They creep me the fuck out. But I do a spider mani every year and this years is one of my favorites! 

The base for my creepy crawly spiders is the Polish 'M Halloween duo, I started with Bugs & Hisses and then sponged The Great Pumpkin in random spots. I really love these two polishes glossy or matte (glossy swatches can be found on the polish 'm fan page found here). The  spider and web images are from UberChic Halloween 02. Once I was done per usual I applied a coat of seche vite and once that was dry a coat of Opi Matte top coat! 

Previous mahw manis:
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Let me know if you're enjoying this series down below!

*Nothing to disclose.

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  1. Oh my your killing it with these matte Halloween mani's. Loving this one ♡

  2. What is life right now?! How do these keep getting better?

  3. Each one of your Halloween manis looks more amazing than the last and I don't know how that is possible!

  4. One of the best halloween mani I have seen so far .

  5. One of the best halloween mani I have seen so far .

  6. This was probably my favorite mani in this series! It just turned out so beautiful!