ÜberChic Beauty nail art brush review!

12:04 AM

Hey friends! I'm bringing you a review and mani using some ÜberChic Beauty products! I was recently sent an amazing package and I can't wait to tell you about these brushes that were included!
ÜberChic carries these 4 brushes, I am beyond excited to try them.

Here's a peek at what they look like.

UberChic Beauty Nail Art Brushes
And under the lids.... 
UberChic Beauty Nail Art Brushes 1 
A tiny detail brush, a liner, a striper and a no.6 oval clean up brush. The lids on these have a little weight to them, they also have a hole so that the brush will be able to have air flow around it keeping it dry or allowing it to dry if it's put away damp. The lid is bejeweled and the handle end is filled with crystals, we know how much I love that! These are much lighter without the lids on and are very comfortable when painting. 

I used the detail brush to add some color to my Spooky eyes manicure! 
UberChic Beauty Halloween 01 
UberChic Beauty Halloween 01 1 
UberChic Beauty Halloween 01 2 
For the spooky eyes I've used two images from the ÜberChic Halloween-01 plate!

I think these brushes are fantastic and I can't wait to use them for more freehand nail art when time allows me too. I think I'm really going to love and get a lot of use out of these. The brushes retail for $8.99 usd each.

The Halloween-01 plate that I used retails for $14.99 it also has an image that is rather wonky so you might take that into consideration, it doesn't bother me much. I can see myself using it in a creepy halloween mani or something. If you're definitely not into that, they have many other awesome plates to choose from.
You can find these brushes, stamping plates and more on their site linked below!

ÜberChic Beauty
Facebook Fanpage

I'll be back with more fun things soon, until next time!

 *Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Those brushes are gorgeous! Your spooky eyes look great too.

  2. I've got a jar filled with brushes and always am adding more for my nail art, lol! Thanks for the review!

  3. I really need to pick some of these up - the bling is what sells me most :D

  4. Sadly I have swore off UberChic due to recent events; but I have 3 of these brushes and they are great!

    1. Yeah I totally understand. I just figure if I swore every brand for me not caring for some things they've done, I'd be living in an empty house. :/ my sad but honest truth.

  5. You can't beat owning a great nail art brush, liking the look of these x

  6. You certainly know how to work your magic with these!

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