Menda Beauty Glass Acetone bottle review

11:06 PM

*Press Sample

Hello everyone!

Today is part one of two on some awesome products from Menda Beauty

Menda Beauty stocks all sorts of acetone, remover, alcohol bottles, acrylic dishes, metal pumps in many styles and even some that lock for travel. They also sell acetone safe plastic bottles that come in pink and purple, I think I need those in my life. I mean who doesn't want cuter bottles for their remover. 
Ok maybe not everyone but I know I do, and if you do by the end of this post I'll have a discount code waiting for you from the awesome people at Menda! 

Let me show you the two glass bottles I have the pleasure of trying. Each has a different pump so I'll get into that also. You can pick and choose which pump and bottle for pretty much all of their options, so you get what you want. 

First up, this 6oz floral glass bottle with Mendas one touch dispenser pump. $17.03usd
Both bottles are nicely printed and the glass has some weight too it but it's not overly heavy. 

The Menda one touch pump is awesome! It has a flip top lid and It needs the slightest press to disperse acetone through small holes at the bottom of the well. The acetone will stay in the well of the pump as well, but I'd recommend the pure touch pump for the acetone you use to clean up and I'll talk more about why later. 
The one touch needs about two or three pumps to wet a cotton ball enough for total removal of a nail, I definitely feel like I'm saving remover because my cotton doesn't become overly wet. 

Next is the 6oz Damask glass acetone bottle with the Menda pure touch pump!
As you can see the Pure touch pump has a sort of mushroom spout inside the well this allows the acetone to come down from under the button which is perfect for clean up.... Think random glitter falling off of your brush as you dip in to continue cleaning, it will remain in the well because it has no place to go since there are no holes in the bottom of the well! No more creepers falling back into the pump or acetone bottle. 
This also needs a gentle touch to disperse the acetone. I can't stress enough how much I love that. I've had times where I've tried to get acetone or remover to gently flow into the well only to have it splash me in the eye. Twice. Not fun!!! I'm graceful what can I say. 

One last little beat thing about Menda bottles is that they come with these awesome labels! The only negetive thing is you can't see a fill line since the glass is opaque, but I can easily over look that since they function well and look pretty sitting on my mani desk.
Yay all labeled!

And since they are totally sweet over at Menda they've offered a discount code to my readers! 

From now, 6/28-7/12 you can use code: MDollie10 to save 10% off online list prices for all Menda beauty items. 

To use the code visit add your desired items to your cart, and when you're ready to check out just enter the code into the discount code box, it should adjust your price and you can continue to check out. 

I hope you enjoyed today's review and come back for part two! And please use my code if you place an order! 
Until next time! 
Xo, Lo

*press sample, products shown in this post were sent by the company for review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own. 

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  1. So pretty compared to my pink plastic one, though I haven't had it long and totally love it as it such easier x

  2. I'm loving these, so much better than my last bottles!

  3. Wow! These have such a nice vintage look to them!

    1. They do! I remember admiring the monomer containers at the salon my grandmother went to when I was a child, they remind me of those.

  4. Replies
    1. They definitely pretty up the nail area nicely. 😊

  5. These are very pretty! They would look so much nicer than a regular bottle of remover on my desk.

    1. Ooh yes they would! They have a lovely mint colored glass bottle that I want to pick up.

  6. Great idea. I love mine, it's so easy to use.

    1. So much better than the evil ones that like to spit at me lol!

  7. Oh my gosh I absolutely love that first bottle. I created way too long of a wishlist, haha!

  8. The different patterns you can create are endless, RS Glass bottle