Nail Stencil Nail Art ft. NailNation 3000

2:42 AM

Hey loves! I've been swamped by life lately so I'm making this one a super short and sweet post. I'll be sharing 2 manis using nail vinyls and some

NailNation polishes! I recently did a nn3 swatch post that you can find here if you're interested. 

Lets see the manis! 

I started with a base of nn3 Nina. Once dry I applied heart stencils from Vibrant Vinyls and topped it with nn3 Meredith. Placing the vinyls in a wave type pattern and only polishing a few on the pointer and pinky give this a staggered feel and I love it! 

Next I wanted something simple but eye catching. 
For this one I decided on two nails only, why who knows (ugh, ok it's because I was wanting to binge on oitnb, oops) but I like it! The base is nn3 Jet Lagged Nails that is releasing soon! I used the Right Angle nail stencils from Snail Vinyls and topped it with nn3 Layla!

I hope you enjoyed these easy manis. The color choices are endless when it comes to vinyl nail art. I'll leave all of the shop links below if you'd like to check out any of their products. 

Thanks for hanging out with me! Until next time! 

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  1. Both beautiful mani's but the hearts are my favourite x