Summer Nail Art ft. Opi Retro Summer

1:57 AM

Hello! Today I'm sharing a simple nail art look. You know me, I'm all about easy and simple manis that don't take much time. To start out I used 4 polishes from the Opi Retro Summer collection. I recently shared my swatch & thoughts post on those here if you'd like to check it out.

Here's the base!
Opi Retro summer dry brushOpi Retro summer dry brush macro
I've used 2 coats of Sailing & Nailing and allowed that to dry before using the dry brush technique to apply SPF XXX, Flip Flops & Crop Tops and Towel Me About It. I decided to go cuticle to free edge with this one and I'm really liking how it came out. I waited a few and top coated before moving onto my stamping. 

I prepped my skin with Simply Peel from Bliss Kiss for easier clean up after stamping. 
Simply peel
Simply peel 1
On my pointer and middle finger you can see how very little clean up I have left over. You can't beat that! 

After removing all of my simply peel and doing the last little bit of clean up here's my mani! 
Opi retro summer dry brush stampingOpi Retro summer dry brush stamping 1
I love this image! It's from UberChic beauty plate 5-02. All together this reminds me of a beach towel or something. I didn't top coat after stamping because I liked the look of this almost matte stamping look. 

Opi is available at professional salons, Beauty Brands,, Chatters, Dillard’s, Regis, ULTA Beauty and

UC plates can be found here:

That's all for today friends. Thanks for hanging out with me! Until next time!!

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  1. This looks very cool!

  2. Love seeing dry brush manicures. The stamping over is is great!! You always kill me with your pretty nails.

  3. Dry brush is one of my favourite techniques and you nailed it perfectly with this mani.

  4. WOWZA! This is such a fabulous combination!

  5. Oh my!! This is fricking amazeballs ♡

  6. These are absolutely adorable!

  7. Your nail art is always so amazing! I feel inspired.

  8. A beach towel is the perfect description, I love it!!

  9. I love this hardcore. I really need to try that Bliss Kiss Simply Peel because I think it would be a game changer for me. I love love love the splatter-y nail art you did under the stamping. So cool. <3

  10. This is so pretty! I wish I could do dry brush without it looking blobby on me. :)