Dixie Plates Stamping!

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Hello friends! I am so, soooo excited to bring this post to you today! I've recently been playing with some Dixie Plates and I am in love! This is a new to me brand, but I am so happy I stumbled upon them. Kate is a total sweetheart! She is the mad genius behind DP! Her images are beautiful and the plates are etched nicely. I had zero issues with the images that I tried. I'll be sharing plate photos along side the manicures. One thing I did notice was that the images are larger than most of the plates I own. Even though my nailbeds are on the more petite side I easily used multiple images. And I'm also sort of excited because now I can easily stamp a pedicure without the image being too small for my big toes!

Let's get started! 

Dixie Plates Summer 01 
Dixie Plate Summer 01Dixie Plate Summer 01  
There are so many fun images on the summer plate. Ultimately I decided on a mermaid inspired look. I really love the outcome of this one! I have some ideas for other images from this plate so I'm hoping I can find some more nail art time soon! 
Dixie Plates DP 02
Dixie Plates
Dixie Plates 
Dixie Plates
Of course I once I saw all the floral images on this plate, I had to pull a fast one and go totally random! I chose to use this diamond lattice pattern instead. I slightly offset the image before stamping it onto my nails. The floral images on this one are really calling my name now.... hmm. 

Dixie Plates DP 04 
Dixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie Plates Dixie Plates 
Finally, some floral! The first image is a floral and lace pattern and it's so beautiful! I bet it would look amazing in white over a delicate pink. I love the second image so much. There's just something carefree and fun about all of the loopy little flower petals. I'm excited to try some of the texture patterns, they look fantastic!

I've got 3 more manicures for you today. All of them are from....

Dixie Plates DP 11
Dixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie PlatesDixie Plates 
I chose a couple of random images but I am insanely in love with the feather images on this plate! I had to use at least one of them right away. 

I can't wait to see what the future holds. A whole bunch of super amazing plates I'm sure! DP also offers stampers, an ombré brush, nail art mat, nail art brushes and more! If you're interested in trying out Dixie plates or any of her other items out for yourself, everything you need to know is linked below!

Dixie Plates
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Polishes used as the bases for these manicures can be found in the following shops!

The Don Deeva

Colores de Carol
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Let me know what you think of these down below! Until next time!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Your stamping skills are seriously off the chain. I wouldn't dare post a macro of my stamping! Hahaha I love the negative space palm trees on the first plate.

  2. Really liking the look of these plates and utterly flawless stamping ♡

  3. you make me want to buy more plates.

  4. Fun plates! I love discovering new stamping plate makers.

  5. I like how unique all of the designs are on each plate! I'm seriously envious of your stamping skills, my dude.

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