Kokie Professional Part 2

9:47 PM

Hello! I hope you're well. I'm back with 10 more Kokie Professional shades for you today! Kokie is easily becoming a favorite drugstore brand. 9 out of 10 times the formula is creamy perfection. Jumping into the swatches now because these are slightly photo heavy.

Just a tiny disclosure, I'll be sharing 140 colors in all, for the basic cremes I did not take macro shots.

Secret Garden
Kokie Cosmetics Secret GardenKokie Cosmetics Secret Garden 
This one is one to beware of for flooding. It stained my skin ever so slightly. A smaller bead of polish would be better for this one! 
Kokie Cosmetics ProtegeKokie Cosmetics Protege 

Gone Rio
Kokie Cosmetics Gone Rio  
Stamping image from UberChic Beauty 17-01. 

Kokie Cosmetics Rose
3 thin coats + top coat. 

Creme Brule
Kokie Cosmetics Creme Brule  
Images from UberChic Beauty 17-02 stamped with Essie Blue Rhapsody. 

Kokie Cosmetics Inked

Fresh Picked
Kokie Cosmetics Fresh Picked

Forget Me Not
Kokie Cosmetics Forget Me Not 
Images from UberChic Beauty 17-02 stamped with It Girl Nail Art Alabaster & BornPretty stamping polish #8. 

Reunion On The Rhine
Kokie Cosmetics Reunion On The Rhine
This one is slightly more green leaning teal. I couldn't capture it true to life at all. Sorry lovelies, I tried! 

Kokie Cosmetics Notorious

Unless stated above, all of these are 2 coats + a coat of top coat! The kokie brushes are on the stiffer side so applying with a light hand can help prevent flooding, at least from my experience so far. These retail for $6 a bottle online and in some major retailers nationwide. Kokie Professional also offers a rapid gel line (gel like polish no curing needed) as well as cosmetics and uv gel polish! 

Kokie Professional

UberChic Beauty

It Girl Nail Art

BornPretty Store (My code LFG10 saves 10% on non discounted items)

That concludes this round of shades! I'll be back soon with more Kokie Professional for you! 
Until then!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences

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  1. These are all pretty and I love your stamping. It's always so crisp and clear.

  2. Another 10 stunners and flawless stamping ♡

  3. These are all beautiful! I'm going to have to see where they can be purchased.

  4. I think Secret Garden just might be my favorite of all of these!

  5. I love gone Rio! All your stamping is awesome!

  6. Secret Garden is stunning - really unique. And I love the deep jelliness of Inked.

  7. Gorgeous swatches. I haven't tried this brand yet and I'm glad to read they have a nice formula.