Love & Lotus Review Pt. 2

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Hi friends! I hope you're well! Today I have a post full of delicious smelling bath & body products from Love & Lotus! I also did a review of their facial care, if you'd like to see that you can find it here. Now let me show you more awesomeness from L&L! 

First up is this little cutie! A lip scrub and butter in an organza bag. $5 usd.
Love & Lotus Lip scrub and butter
Love & Lotus peace of mind lip scrub
These are in a flavor called Peace of Mind. It's totally fitting for these minty little cuties! Every morning I take a small bit of scrub and rub it on my lips, then rub my lips together and rinse. You could definitely lick this off since it's all natural. After I've rinsed I pat dry and apply the pom lip butter. I love this minty lip butter because it smells amazing but it doesn't irritate my lips with the tingling overly mint sensation. I love that!!

I also got to try these two. Lip butters are $3 usd and the lip ganjas are $3.50 usd each.
Love & Lotus Lip ganja lip butter
The lip butter in Mandarin Dreams is heavenly! Delicately scented and they go on like butter.. Haha obviously Lo! The lip ganja in lemon haze is also amazing. I love anything lemon. What makes the Lip ganja different from the lip butters is that it contains hemp seed oil. Both are soothing and moisturizing, I love a good lip product and these are beyond good, they're great!! 

Onto the Whipped Sugar Butter! $6.50-$12.00 usd. 
Love & Lotus Whipped sugar butterLove & Lotus whipped sugar butter 1Love & Lotus whipped sugar butter 2Love & Lotus whipped sugar butter 3Love & Lotus whipped sugar butter 4Love & Lotus whipped sugar butter 5
Don't these look good enough to eat?! Well they smell just as good and work even better! These are a must have if you love scrubs. They're nice and fluffy, full of moisturizing ingredients and the sugar granules are the perfect exfoliant! I also love the added colored sugars mixed in, adorable! I love that with a bit of water these exfoliate the skin and gently foam. I've been using mine on my hands and legs mostly, but they would be amazing as an all over exfoliater as well. The scents are soft and not over whelming. If you love bath products that smell nice but won't give you a headache or let you down, these are for you! 

If you prefer salt scrubs no worries, L&L has that covered as well. This one is $7 usd.
Love & Lotus Luxe whipped salt scrubLove & Lotus Luxe whipped salt scrub 1
The Luxe Whipped Salt Scrub in Blood Orange & Peppermint is a fan favorite and I know why. It smells sooooo good. Like I want to use this every single day just so I can take deep breaths of the fragrance in... Oh yeah and because it's another amazing scrub! I can not get enough! I'm going to have the softest skin in town!!

Moving on from scrubs let me chat a little about some of the body butters and body ganja items. Whipped body ganja is $9 usd. 
Love & Lotus Whipped body ganja
Love & Lotus Whipped body ganja 1
This is the whipped body ganja in lavender. To be honest I'm not a huge lavender scent fan. I was hesitant at first but I always use everything to give an honest review & this is so light and natural smelling that I have no issues using this! Straight out of the jar this is on the oily side. Great for heavy duty over night moisturizing needs. I like to use these types of products on feet, Elbows and hands. I rub it into my skin and then put cotton socks or gloves on and off to bed I go. If you're not into that don't worry there's another way to use this, right out of the shower!! While you're skin is still warm and damp you can apply this body ganja and it will melt and absorb into your skin. Gently pat dry and your skin will be thanking you. (I was also twirling my nail around in the container forgive me... I was trying it on my hands!)

Another super moisturizing product is the Whipped Body Butter! $7.50-$14 usd each.  
Love & Lotus Whipped Body ButterLove & Lotus Whipped Body Butter 1
These light and fluffy body butters are my favorite!!! I've always been a fan of body butters but these... These take the cake! They're fantastic and fluffy, creamy and amazing. Here I have Acai & Mangosteen light and slightly fruity and lightly fresh smelling. Mmm. Sleeping in a hut is almost lightly musky.. tropical and warm smelling. I love this one at night before I snuggle into bed. If you love florals (like I do) then you'll love Lotus Lilac & Lily! This is my favorite floral wise. I've also gotten a few compliments while using this one!
I find all of the L&L butters to be really lovely texture and scent wise. They smell amazing without knocking you out or letting you down. From soft and fruity to floral and fresh there's something for everyone! They absorb nicely and I never feel oily or greasy. I can't say enough good things about them! 

Love & Lotus also offers this insanely cute little bundle, the Summer Soufflé mini set! $20 usd. Love & Lotus Summer souffle mini set
Inside of this little beauty is 4, 2oz summer soufflés which are lighter and perfect for summer! 
Love & Lotus Summer souffle mini set 1Love & Lotus Summer souffle mini set 2
The scents smell deliciously fruity and include Peach, Pineapple, Lemon Sugar & Red Raspberry. And hidden below is a 4oz Sugar Butter Soap Scrub in Coconut Lime! So much wonderful packed into a cute little berry style basket. 

Last but certainly not least is the Love & Lotus Soothing Mineral Salt Soak! $12 usd.
Love & Lotus Soothing mineral salt soak
Love & Lotus Soothing mineral salt soak 1
My soak is the Stress Relief soak and it's amazing! I will admit my life tends to be rather stressful. There is no better way to unwind than a hot soak! I'm in love with this. The fragrance is clean and refreshing. It definitely puts my mind at ease as I soak away the day. 

Also for the month of June Love & Lotus is including a free Cake Wax Melt and free shipping on orders over $25, orders over $44 receive a free Cake Sugar Scrub! 

I can not say enough amazing things about Melissa and her products. They're fantastic and everyone should try at lease one thing! I bet you'd be hooked as quick as I was! 

And follow on social media for future photos and information! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
Until next time! 

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. 

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  1. I've not tried body butters before, I think it's the word butter lol as I don't eat it. Great post and review ♡

    1. Aw maybe! They're really awesome, not greasy like butter lol!

  2. Wow they have so many products to check out, I especially think that lippie duo for $5 is a steal for the price! I love lippie scrubs

    1. I think so too! I love matte lippies they're so drying that I'm always needing a good scrub.

  3. All o these products looks lush, I'm thinking of picking up the Summer Soufflé set.

    1. I think that's an awesome deal and the fruits scents are so nice.

  4. Ooh, I definitely need to try that lip scrub!! Going to peruse her site now!

  5. Those butters look amazing! I am such a moisturizer addict.

  6. This is awesome! I really want to try the lip ganja. :-)

  7. I consider myself a bath and body product snob and Love & Lotus is my FAVORITE!! Great review!

    1. They're amazing, I definitely know why they're your fav!