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5:23 PM

Hello my lovelies! I'm feeling peppy today, It's 20 degrees cooler outside. It's nice to catch a break from constant triple digit heat! I've got 13 of Madam Glams newest editions to share with you! These are a mix of their metallics, cremes & of course there's gonna be a little sparkle thrown in too. So sit back and relax and enjoy some swatches!

Starting with the Metallics, I've got....

Boyfriend Style
Madam Glam Boyfriend StyleMadam Glam Boyfriend Style Macro
Shown here is two coats of color and one coat of Madam Glam no wipe top coat! 

Rose Gold
Madam Glam Rose GoldMadam Glam Rose Gold Macro
Two coats of color and one coat of no wipe top coat.

Metallic Silver
Madam Glam Metallic SilverMadam Glam Metallic Silver Macro
Two coats of color and one coat of no wipe top coat.

These three metallics have a chrome feel. I swatched mine over a peel off basecoat. I feel like if I would have added a base coat of gel polish these would have been much more pleasing. Without it you will see every single flaw on the nail. These were also a bit different for me. After curing the colors still appeared wet, but within a couple of minutes they were completely dry, chrome like and I was able to touch it with no transfer. Strange but I didn't hate it. Just remember to wait a few before top coating even after curing for these! 

I also received this beauty which is also metallic but less chrome like.

Nasty Girl
Madam Glam Nasty GirlMadam Glam Nasty Girl Macro
One of my current favorites! This is two glossy coats of color and no wipe top coat. 

Top It Swag It
Madam Glam Top It Swag ItMadam Glam Top It Swag It Macro
I found this one to be slightly thicker so I used it on its own. This is 2 coats + soak off gel top coat. 

Kind Of Wonderful
Madam Glam Kind Of Wonderful
2 coats of color + soak off top coat. 

Over and Over
Madam Glam Over and Over
2 coats of color + soak off top coat

Under My Skin
Madam Glam Under My Skin
2 coats of color + soak off top coat

Lots Of It 
Madam Glam Lots Of ItMadam Glam Lots Of It Macro
1 coat over Under My Skin + soak off top coat. 

Chit Chat
Madam Glam Chit Chat
2 coats of color + soak off top coat

Boss Babe
Madam Glam Boss Babe
2 coats of color + soak off top coat

On My Brown
Madam Glam On My Brown

2 coats of color + soak off top coat

If you love soak off gel polish, I highly recommend trying any of these. Madam glam cremes are my favorite. They apply like butter. These also cure in 30 seconds with an led lamp. 

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Thanks for hanging out with me, until next time!

*Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. I have never tried soak of gel before but I wouldn't mind trying some out especially for my cindy hand lol.

    1. When I'm not super lazy I keep Cindy in soak offs it's a really good way to keep them from breaking lol!

    2. I'm going to have to try that because Cindy hasn't been too nice to me lately lol.

  2. Beautiful colors. I really like Rose Gold but I see what you mean about them showing any little flaw. I've never done gel but its a natural progression at some point I think.

    1. They're a great alternative without a big commitment since you can soak em right off. I really wish my brain would have worked better that day, a base under those Metallics would have been perfect lol!

  3. Wonderful swatches! I have so many gels to try! These look awesome

  4. I love all these colors but I especially dig the chrome ones. :-)

  5. I don't know how you have time to swatch all these gels. I can only imagine how long it takes.

  6. I use a peel off base with the amount of gels I'm swatching atm. These are gorgeous and love Nasty Girl :)