Noodles Nail Polish Fall 2016

2:51 PM

Hello everyone! Fall is almost here and I'm sooooo ready! I've been so happy playing with all of the fall polishes so far and today I'm here with some from a new to me brand, Noodles Nail Polish! Natalie reached out to me and I was very excited because she asked if I would swatch her fall collection! Heck Yeah! Yay fall! Let's see the polishes!

Autum Dreams
A purple jelly base that has purple/red/blue ucc flakies, gold metallic shreds, gold holo glitter, metallic crimson glitter, and a purple/blue shifting shimmer.
2 coats + top coat.  

Field Of Mums
A dusty purple crelly with gold shimmer as well as red, orange, peach and various shades of purple glitters in both matte and metallic finishes. 2 coats, on thin one thicker + top coat. 

Midnight Moon
A black crelly with a soft purple/blue duochrome shift. There are silver holo glitters and shreds as well as pink holo shreds mixed in and a fine holo dust. 2 coats + top coat. 

Whimsical Woodland 
A grey leaning taupe crelly with strong turquoise shimmer. This crelly has pale blue, teal, copper and brown glitters that are both matte and metallic. 2 coats, one thin, one thicker + top coat. 

Fall Skies and Pumpkin Vines 
A nude crelly with copper shimmer. Mixed in are matte turquoise glitters and stars as well as orange and copper matte, metallic, and holo glitters. 3 thin coats + top coat. I left this one upside down for 10 minutes before swatching and caught a few stars with no struggles. 

Warm Mocha Latte
A scattered holo taupe creme with fine rainbow, dark brown and purple flakies as well as a soft blue/purple shimmer. 2 coats + top coat. 

Happy Harvest
A cream crelly with a fun mix of autumn colored glitters. There are turquoise, light green, orange, copper and gold glitters in matte , metallic and holo finishes. 3 thin coats + top coat. 

October Kiss
A deep purple creme with fine taupe and purple flakies. 2 coats + top coat. 

A clear based flakie and glitter topper. This polish has ucc flakies that shift green, gold, blue and copper. Also mixed in are metallic copper glitters and fine holo glitter. This can be worn full coverage in 2-3 coats. My swatch is 1 coat over Opi Inside the Isabelletway. 

Fall In Love
A clear based glitter topper. This polish has matte and metallic orange glitters, as well as gold holo and metallic glitter. Mixed in are mini gold hearts. My swatch is 1 coat over Opi Don't ever stop
+ top coat. 

This collection is set to release on August 31st, shop info linked below!

Here is where you can follow Noodles Nail Polish for future swatches and info!

Thanks for hanging out with me! Let me know what you think of these below! Until next time!

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Hello Lo,
    I'm so sorry to ask you that in a comment but I would like to send you an email and I absolutely can't find your address (I have no FB or Insta accounts).
    Thank you so much.

    1. You can email me here, :)

  2. What a lovely collection. I just love Whimsical Woodland!

  3. Stunning collection and really liking the range of finishes and colours x

  4. Stunning swatches and collection. I would love to get some!

  5. I'm in love with Field of Mums and October Kiss. Such great colors!

  6. The color combos here are absolute perfection!

  7. This collection is absolutely perfect for fall! There are a lot of polishes that I want to get but a few that I'm unsure about just because of my complexion lol.

  8. I've never heard of this brand but this is an awesome, cohesive fall collection! Definitely looking into the brand now.

  9. your swatches...I think I've seen my favorite, then I scroll and change my mind. Again and again...You are flawless.