Baroness X Golden Age Of Tango...Neon Collection!

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Hi Dolls! Are you ready for warmer weather and brighter polish?! If you answered yes, then this one's especially for you! Baroness X is launching this collection full of neon with a touch of shimmer goodness. This means these apply like a dream, they don't require undies (a white base of polish) and they're opaque in 2-3 thin coats!

The story behind these is rather cute, I'll be quoting Demi so I hope she doesn't mind! "This collection is a tribute to my fiance's father, who we lost last year. Besides being one of the world's leaders in radio engineering, he was in a tango band that toured Cuba in the 1930s. The polishes carry the names of his favorite singers & musicians in the genre."

I also tie a lot of nail related things in my life to losses that I've had, this makes these even more special. 

*disclaimer* I've always had a hard time catching neons true to color. These are slightly off, in real life they're neon like bright as fuck. Heh.... onto the polish! 

pink neon with purple shimmer. 
red neon with copper shimmer. 

An orange neon with pink shimmer. 

A purple neon with aqua shimmer. 

A magenta neon with indigo shimmer. 

This collection is fantastic. I wanted to try a marble with them so of course I needed to test them. This is how that looked. The reach of my first ring could have used some help but other than that I didn't have any issues! 

For marbling I use a 3oz, 5oz or a double shot glass since my nails aren't the longest and anything bigger just wastes too much polish in my opinion. Even though my practice run was a petal marble I went for a striped marble manicure and this is how it turned out. 
Under the marble is 1 coat of a white polish. Some of the neons bled into each other so next time I'll switch the order of my colors a bit. I still really love it though! This is my first neon watermarble so I'll probably never forget it. 

 I also used the Baroness X matte cuticle balm for all of these photos and I LOVE it! The balm soaked into my skin and left very little glare. It's not greasy at all, a quick swipe into the balm with a clean up brush and run it around the cuticles... done! Highly recommend trying it out! P.S. BX also sells brushes are they're soooo cute! 

Oooooh and one last thing... the acetone additive could easily be addicting. I got to try caramel pecan and it smells delicious. I love nutty bakery scents. 

After shaking the vial I dumped it Into my empty 8oz reusable acetone bottle and added my acetone, gave the bottle a quick swirl to mix it all in and that was that. By the time I'm writing this up my bottle is about 1/3 the way finished. And I'm really loving how moisturized this is keeping my cuticles. I've been doing a lot of swatching lately and haven't had a single stressed out cuticle, lol. I will definitely be ordering more and more, it's gonna be a staple. 

Release for the Golden Age Of Tango collection is March 31st 3pm PST. 

There will be 20 sets of each full size and mini and after that full size will go on pre-order. (There will only be 20 mini sets, they are not available for pre-order.)

Sets retail for
$48 for the full size set
$30 for a mini set (8ml) 

Cost for singles: $10

Here's all the things you need to know so you can keep an eye on Baroness X!
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 Let me know what you think of this collection down below!

*sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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