Spring 2017 Colores De Carol

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Hello! I don't know about where you're from, but it's already starting to warm up where I live and that means it's about time to start using my air conditioning lol. Ah, spring in central California. Colores de Carol just launched her spring collection and I'm here with my swatches!


A medium lavender creme with multichrome shimmer purple/blue/green, iridescent blue/purple micro glitter and micro holo flakies. 
A dusty creamsicle orange base with micro holo flakies and multichrome shimmer purple/violet/reddish-gold. 

A light blue creme with electric blue micro flakies, a multichrome shimmer purple/violet/reddish-gold, iridescent color shift glitter red/gold/green, micro holo flakies and blue micro glitter. 

A fuschia pink base with multichrome shimmer gold/green/purple, gold dust shimmer and micro holo glitter. 


A salmon/pink base with multichrome shimmer purple/violet/reddish-gold, micro holo flakies and multichrome flakies red/gold/orange. 

Dark turquoise green with lime holo micro glitter, micro holo flakies and gold shimmer. 


White crelly base with medium dots pink/fuschia/purple/blue & light blue and pastel hearts and stars. 

Camellia (1 coat over Polish My Life Vail)
CamelliaCamellia macro 
Holo top coat with 4 different multichrome flakies, holo micro flakies and 3 different sizes of iridescent color shifting glitter. 

CdC also released this awesome Matte top coat! Matte N'Go is freaking fantastic. This dried faster than any of the Matte top coats I own. And I own a lot of Matte top coat because I love to Matte all the manicures! I love the Matte finish it leaves.

Here I've used it over Opi Hello Hawaii Ya? Stamped with an image from Purjoi Let's Go Camping 02A topped with a coat of seche and a coat of Matte N'Go. 

All, except the swatches for Lily are 2 coats of color and a coat of glossy top coat. My Lily swatch is 3 thin with a coat of top coat. You could also use this in 1-2 coats over a coat of white. 
Overall the collection is beautiful for the season. I especially love Camellia. That is one seriously gorgeous topper! 

The entire collection will cost $80 + shipping. $11 individually. 

Matte N'Go is a 5 free Matte top coat, perfect for adding a smooth matte finish to your manicure. This retails for $7 a bottle. 

You can find these and more in her shop!

Save 10% on your orders using code Dollie

Let me know if anything is catching your eye down below! Until next time!

*Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. Aria and Ava are so gorgeous! I love corals and oranges!

  2. I love this collection! Especially the topper!

  3. Super beautiful, your shots of this collection are just amazing!!

  4. Ohhh Camellia. I'm probably going to need that.

  5. This whole collection is gorgeous!

  6. I surprisingly love that coral!

  7. Mila and Olivia are super pretty. Flawless and stunning swatches of them all x