Kiara Sky Dip Nail Removal!

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Hello friends! A few weeks ago I shared a review on the Kiara Sky Dip system. You can find it here if you'd like to read it. I'm back today with my wear test, thoughts and removal!

Let's jump right in. This photo is Day 1 of my dip mani. This was taken on February 11th, just after my application of the dip system.

And here's the mani before removal....
Dip nails
I'm not the best at taking photos of my dominant hand, forgive me. But I wore this Mani for 17 days! Not a single chip, break or lift! I could have easily worn this another 4 days to hit the 21 day mark but it was time for a new mani. 

Here's how I removed my dip mani. 
I'm not sure that it's necessary, I'll have to look it up when I have some time but I gently filed off the top coat shine with my 100/180 file. 

Next I slathered my cuticles with one of a few holy grail cuticle oils by Polish 'M. I can't live without her products. 

Now that I've oiled up...

It's time to start the soak off process. I like to use the foil method using 100% acetone, cotton and aluminum foil. I let the acetone soaked cotton rest on my nails for 15 minutes. 

After 15 minutes I scraped off the gooey layer.

Now I'm left with this. I was impressed with how much removed from the first soak! 

Since there was still product  on my nails I repeated the oil and foil soak. I let the cotton sit for only 5 minutes this time. I removed the foil and gently rubbed the cotton on the nail to remove all of the last bits. 

Here you can see I've had ZERO damage to my natural nails using this system. I'm so pleased with the dip system. I feel like I could easily use this twice a month to keep my nails looking great and not have a single worry of damaging my nails. 

Two seconds after that last picture was taken I applied a new dip manicure. I didn't take official pictures, since this is a "me" Mani and not a review manicure but I did snap a few with my phone. For the next two weeks my nails will be rocking Dream Illusion.

Before applying the clear dip layer. 

And after I'm finished with the mani....

So in love with this shade! At this moment of finishing up this post it's been about a week since I've applied that glittery goodness and they're looking amazing minus some growth. I highly recommended the kit and dip powders for yourself or even putting in a request at your favorite local salon. These are amazing!!!

Kiara Sky dip powder starter kit retails for $109.99 and contains everything you need to achieve dipped french manicures.
Dip powders retail $14.99 for the colored versions and $24.99 for the pinks/white/naturals for french manicures.
Gel polish retails for $12.99 a bottle and their regular nail polish line retails for $8.50 a bottle.

If you're interested in Kiara Sky dip powders or any of their other products here's what you need to know!

Let me know what you think about the dip system down below!

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  1. This system looks really interesting! Did it feel like wearing gel polish? (My nails feel invincible when I wear gel!) I'm also so impressed with how white your nails are. Do you have any tips to prevent/remove yellowing?