Noodles Nail Polish Holiday 2016

7:26 PM

Hi friends! It's finally getting a little less hot here! Oh how I wish we had hardcore season changes where I live. Anyway I'm savoring the last bit of fall while I can, but at the same time I'm eyeballing my Christmas stuff and planning on setting things up soon. Noodles Nail Polish is definitely ready for the holidays with this collection of 10 pretty polishes!

5 Rose Gold Rings

A berry crelly packed with rose gold and a touch of plain gold glitters both metallic and holo. 2 coats + top coat. 

Sleigh Bells Bling  

A full coverage flakie/glitter topper. This polish is packed with silver/gold/bronze ucc flakie, various size silver flakies, silver and gold holo glitters and bronze micro flakies. This can be worn alone in 2 coats. Here I have 1 coat over Opi We The Female + top coat.

Joy and Cheer

Linear holo creme with a blue base with gold microflakies that give it a green tone. 2 coats + top coat. 

Holly Berries

A linear holo creme with a maroon base. There are gold and red micro flakies mixed in. 2 coats + top coat.

Naughty or Nice?
A white crelly packed with emerald & neon green, red and gold glitters in metallic, holo and matte finishes. 3 thin coats + top coat.

Balsam and Pine

This is a bluish grey crelly with blue shimmer! Blue, copper, rust, silver and gold metallic glitters throughout. 2 coats + top coat.

December Magic  

Clear based glitter topper. It is a mix of red matte and holo glitters as well as silver and gold holo glitters and a splash of red matte stars! 1 coat over Opi Stay Off The Lawn + top coat. The stars come out easily with no fishing. My bottle sat upside for 5 minutes prior to application.

Mistletoe Kisses

Deep mossy green with a greenish gold shimmer. Red, green, caramel and gold holo and metallic glitters throughout. 2 coats + top coat. 

Fireside Cocoa

A white crelly with bronze shimmer base. There are metallic copper and bronze glitters mixed in. 3 thin coats + top coat. 

Snow Kissed 

Clear based glitter topper with various shades of blue and purple glitters in all finishes and sizes. This also has white glitter and snowflakes! 1 coat over SquareHue Louvre.

This collection is set to release on November 11th, shop info linked below!

Here is where you can follow Noodles Nail Polish for future swatches and info!

Thanks for hanging out with me! Let me know what you think of these below, any favorites?! 

Until next time!

*Sent for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences. Descriptions courtesy of Noodles Nail Polish.

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  1. Holly Berries is super beautiful. Gorgeous swatches ♡

  2. I'm usually not overly fond of white crellies, but Naughty or Nice and Fireside Cocoa have piqued my interest!

  3. Five Rose Gold Rings is amazing and I need t.

  4. There are some fab polishes in this collection!! *heads over to my wish list to add items*

  5. I like Naughty or Nice even though it isn't my color at all!

  6. I loved gold topper and berry a lot ! All swatches made me drool :)

  7. Naughty or Nice is right up my alley. So pretty!

  8. There are few of these that have been immediately added to my wish list!

  9. Such a gorgeous collection, your macros always make me buy things btw haha.