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Hello lovelies! It's time for another nail care review! This one is going to be on the Nail Prep & Clean from Vibrant Vinyls.

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A clean oil free nail plate is just part of the whole routine to making your mani last longer. I know a lot of us that are super active in the nail community don't wear our manicures very long at all. Peel off base coats are really popular because of this. The faster we can switch our manicures the better! BUT there's always someone who loves to wear a manicure for longer than a day. This is also great for anyone who uses gel nail polish. 

Nail prep & clean is great for removing dust and debris from the nail after cuticle removal or after the nails have been gently buffed. It will also dehydrate your nail plate. Removing the oil from your nail plate will allow your base coat to adhere better to your nail. This along with thin coats of color, wrapping your tips, avoiding polish on the sidewalls or flooding of the cuticle & of course a good top coat, should give you a manicure that will last 5+ days. I've seen a lot of success doing this on my girls. My youngest can keep a mani on for 11+ days. It also depends on body chemistry. Because some may only get 5 days of wear, like my oldest.

I tested this out for myself and here's Cindy! I know, every time I give her a shout out here she's always a hot mess. No, I haven't learned how to properly handle her yet. But I'm trying I swear! Lol. The whole point is.....

Vibrant Vinyls Nail Prep & Clean
Here's my manicure after 7 days! I have some growth showing and tip wear on my pointer mostly. Other than that it was holding up great. I got a chip in it around day 9. And I got cotton stuck to a couple during a swatch-a-thon, so I removed it later that day. Not a bad run by any means if you ask me! This mani was prepped and cleaned, base coated, 2 thin coats of color, and top coat. 

If this sounds like something you'd like to try here's all the info on vibrant vinyls that you need to know!  

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That's all for today's little review. Until next time!  

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