BeautyBigBang Nail foils!

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Hi friends! This is my first time trying some things from BeautyBigBang and I’m really excited! Today I’ll be sharing my manicures and thoughts on some nail foils and foil glue! Truth be told, I’ve only ever used foils once or twice.... so I still have some learning to do! The concept is pretty darn simple but I have somethings I need help with still, first let’s take a peek at these foils! 

The nail foil strips are about 4 inches long and come in a cellophane baggie. The amount of strips per set varies. Here’s one of the sets with the foil glue I’ll be using for the manicures in this post.

First I tried out one of the foils from the 12 pcs Starry Sky Nail Foil set. This oil slick foil is a full nail foil. I’ve applied the foil with the foil glue, over a completely dry black base color. And here’s the result.

The coverage of the foil is mostly opaque. I did have a few tiny gaps where the foil didn’t adhere. I topped this with a coat of Unt ready for takeoff and when that was dry I applied a coat of seche vite. The foil did crinkle some but I was mostly disappointed in the ridge filled finish caused by the glue. 

The 10 ml Nail Foil Adhesive Glue is thicker than I imagined. I’m used to seeing the thinner looking glue that appears blue over darker base colors. This one stays it’s white shade. The thickness of the glue leaves a brushstroke filled finish. This is where I need some nail foil expert opinions! Can you or do you thin the glue? Is there a glue that you favor for a more flawless finish? 

Next I wanted to try one of the holo strips. I chose a pattern and set out the same as last time, completely dry black base color. This time I applied the glue in more strokes to try to even out the finish before it dried down. It was better than the first try for sure. I think it also helps that the foil image isn’t a full nail opacity like the first and more of a design with spots that let the base color peek through. 

This is one mani that I didn’t want to take off. Using one of the strips from the 16 pcs Lace Laser Starry Nail Foils.... 

I adjusted my lighting so I could try to catch as much of the holo goodness that you get in person. This is one AMAZING holo foil! 

One complaint about foils is that you don’t know which way is up unless it has a solid silver side and a patterned side. For the strips that didn’t have a silver side I did some small spot testing and then marked each side of the foil that goes up, for easier use the next time! Besides my slight glue issue I think these are awesome! They’re pretty easy to use once you know which side goes up/down. I need some recommendations on water based top coats also, so if you have any leave them in the comments please! 

The foils I’ve used can be found in the sets linked here:

16 pcs Lace Laser Starry Nail Foils SKU: J2839

12 pcs Starry Sky Nail Foils SKU: J4127

10 ml Nail Foil Adhesive Glue SKU: J2444

If you plan on making a BeautyBigBang order soon don’t forget that you can use my code LNB10 to save some pretty pennies!


Let me know your thoughts down below! Nail foil glue and top coat advice is also appreciated! 

I’ll have another BeautyBigBang post for you soon! Until then!

*Received for swatching/review. All opinions are honest and 100% my own based on my experiences.

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  1. I love nail foil and beauty big bang also has some lovely items. Great review and mani's ♡

  2. I have tons of foils that were gifted to me that I haven't used yet after a foil fail. But I also didn't have the foil glue. These look really awesome!

  3. What a bummer about the ridges. I still don't have foils down.

  4. I've never tried foils but yours look lovely!

  5. That second mani has me drooling all over the place, yaaaaaaaaas